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Maigatari bor­der cat­tle mar­ket.

Ma­jor­ity of Nige­rien cat­tle deal­ers sup­ply cat­tle to the mar­ket, and af­ter dis­pos­ing their stock, they buy the Nige­rian breed of fe­male cat­tle, which they use for cross fer­til­iza­tion with their lo­cal breed. bout 250 other cat­e­gory of trucks are also used in trans­port­ing cat­tle pur­chased by butch­ers for lo­cal con­sump­tion in some of the north­ern states. How­ever, ma­jor­ity of such butch­ers are from neig­bour­ing Kano, Kaduna and Katsina states.

Speak­ing to Daily Trust, the chair­man of Maigatari Mar­ket Cat­tle Deal­ers As­so­ci­a­tion, Adamu Sal­lau Fu­lata, said busi­ness trans­ac­tions of over half a bil­lion naira take place ev­ery Thurs­day at the cat­tle mar­ket, as ev­ery sin­gle cow, ir­re­spec­tive of size has the po­ten­tial of be­ing bought and sold.

The vol­ume of com­mer­cial trans­ac­tion in the cat­tle mar­ket is usu­ally de­ter­mined by the num­ber of cat­tle that ex­changed own­er­ship.

He pointed out that the unique­ness

Aof busi­ness trans­ac­tions in the cat­tle mar­ket, could be no­ticed in the fact that in just a mar­ket day, a sin­gle cow could go through a busi­ness trans­ac­tion three to four times by the means of sell­ing and buy­ing.

Fu­lata ex­plained that Maigatari Cat­tle mar­ket ac­com­mo­dates both the big and small buy­ers, as there are cat­tle of var­i­ous sizes, de­pend­ing on ones pur­chas­ing power. He said there are those that are sold for as low as N30,000, while a well fed bull would cost as much as N500,000.

He stressed that ev­ery Thurs­day about 100 trail­ers, each car­ry­ing 34 cat­tle leave Maigatari Cat­tle mar­ket for big cities like Lagos and Enugu, while about 250 trucks with each car­ry­ing 14 cows also sup­ply some parts of the north.

The chair­man of the cat­tle deal­ers lamented over the con­ges­tion of the mar­ket, say­ing the mar­ket is record­ing rapid ex­pan­sion in term of sup­ply and pa­tron­age, adding that at present the mar­ket ac­com­mo­dates more than its ca­pac­ity, hence the need for com­men­su­rate ex­pan­sion.

“We have all cat­e­gories of buy­ers, both the lo­cal and in­ter­na­tional buy­ers. Ma­jor buy­ers that pa­tron­ize the mar­ket are from the south, fol­lowed by those from some parts of the north. Ma­jor­ity of them are butch­ers as well as some from Niger re­pub­lic.

“Ev­ery week over 70 trail­ers with each car­ry­ing 34 well fed cows head to the south from Maigatari cat­tle mar­ket, while about 250 trucks each car­ry­ing 14 cows also leave the cat­tle mar­ket to sup­ply other parts of the coun­try.

“The mar­ket has since as­sumed in­ter­na­tional stan­dard as busi­ness men from Niger re­pub­lic pa­tron­ize the mar­ket. They bring in cows for sale and in re­turn buy for sup­ply­ing their coun­try. Nige­riens buy fe­male cows from the mar­ket for the pur­pose of cross breed­ing. Ac­cord­ing to them the Nige­rian specie are health­ier, and there­fore give a bet­ter breed.

“Our big­gest chal­lenge at present is the fact that the cat­tle mar­ket of Maigatari is ev­ery­day be­com­ing smaller, not as a re­sult of en­croach­ment but fol­low­ing an in­crease in both the in­flux of busi­ness men and cat­tle sup­ply. As it is now, who­ever wants to ac­cess the mar­ket must be ready to take the risk of mov­ing through hos­tile cows.Most of such cows were staked on pas­sages meant for hu­man move­ment.”

Pa­trick Hoama who is a cat­tle dealer said he has been into cat­tle busi­ness for about 20 years, adding that in the past he only buys and sells from the north­ern­ers that sup­plied them in the south, but with the help of some of such deal­ers he started com­ing to Maigatari for bulk pur­chase.

He stressed that on a mar­ket day he usu­ally pur­chased cat­tle worth over N5 mil­lion, and that he par­tic­i­pates in two mar­ket days each month, say­ing he sup­plies about three to four trailer loads of cat­tle fortnightly to the south.

Hoama opined that more of­ten than not, cat­tle from Maigatari mar­ket are rated among the best stock, there­fore the mar­ket is al­ways ready made for him in the south.

“My north­ern cat­tle busi­ness part­ners en­cour­aged me to start bulk sup­ply from Maigatari. Maigatari cat­tle mar­ket does not run out of stock, once you have the money the cat­tle are al­ways avail­able. The sup­ply in the mar­ket is al­ways ca­pa­ble of giv­ing the num­ber of stock that one needs.”

ANige­rien cat­tle dealer who iden­ti­fied him­self as Barmo told this re­porter that he has been into the cat­tle in­ter­na­tional busi­ness for the last 10 years, adding that as a re­sult of the boom in Maigatari bor­der cat­tle mar­ket, peo­ple from his town of Din­gash have re­sorted to the busi­ness of fat­ten­ing and cross breed­ing for bet­ter species that attract good prices.

Barmo said pa­tron­iz­ing Maigatari cat­tle mar­ket is a rit­ual for him, be­cause of its po­ten­tials of of­fer­ing good prices fol­low­ing the com­pet­i­tive na­ture of the mar­ket.

Photos: Aliyu M. Ha­m­agam

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