Call­ing peo­ple to ‘Em­brace ‘La’ilaha Il­lal-Lah’

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Al­lah (SWT) says in the Qur’an: “Say, “This is my way; I in­vite to Al­lah with in­sight, I and those who fol­low me. And ex­alted is Al­lah; and I am not of those who as­so­ci­ate oth­ers with Him.” ( Yusuf, 108)

It is re­lated in a ha­dith from Ibn Ab­bas (RA) that the Prophet sent Mu’azu to Ye­men and he said to him, “You as go­ing to a peo­ple that were given a Book. So the first thing you will call them to is iman (be­lief) in it, that there is noth­ing wor­thy of wor­ship ex­cept Al­lah.”

In an­other ha­dith, he was told,” The first thing you will call them to is to wor­ship Al­lah alone. If they ac­cept, you tell them Al­lah has made five Sal­lah day and night wa­jib (com­pul­sory) for them. If they ac­cept, you tell them again that Al­lah has made it wa­jib upon them to pay Zakkat which is what those who have will re­move and give to the poor. If they agree and fol­low you on these then do not col­lect their ma­jor posses­sions with­out jus­ti­fi­ca­tion. If you do that you have cheated them and if you cheat be­ware of the du’a of the per­son cheated be­cause there is no ob­struc­tion be­tween it and Al­lah.” (Re­lated by Bukhari and Mus­lim)

An­other ha­dith from Sahlu Sa’adi (RA) says, the Mes­sen­ger of Al­lah (PBUH) said on the day of the Bat­tle of Khaibara, “To­mor­row will will give the flag to the per­son who loves Al­lah and Hie Mes­sen­ger and Al­lah and His Mes­sen­ger love him, and Al­lah will give vic­tory through his hand.” So the peo­ple spend the night de­bat­ing, who will be given the flag?

As dawn broke, they quickly went to the Prophet (PBUH), each one of the sa­haba hop­ing to be the one to be given the flag. The Prophet said, “Where is Aliyu the son of Abi Talib?” He was told that he had eyes prob­lem. The Prophet said he should be brought to him. When he came the Prophet prayed for on the eyes and they were healed as if noth­ing had ever hap­pened to them. Then the Prophet gave him the flag say­ing, “Go gen­tly un­til you ar­rive at the land of the en­emy then call them to Is­lam. Tell them about what Al­lah has made wa­jib on them as Al­lah’s right. “By Al­lah, if a sin­gle per­son is guided by Al­lah through you, it will be bet­ter for you than a whole lot of red camels.”

Tafsir on tauhid and il­lal­lahu ‘La’ilaha

Al­lah says: “Those whom they in­voke seek means of ac­cess to their Lord, [striv­ing as to] which of them would be near­est, and they hope for His mercy and fear His pun­ish­ment. In­deed, the pun­ish­ment of your Lord is ever feared.” (Isra’i, 57). In an­other nar­rar­tion Al­lah says, in the story of Abra­ham (AS), “And [men­tion, O Muham­mad], when Abra­ham said to his fa­ther and his peo­ple, “In­deed, I am dis­as­so­ci­ated from that which you wor­ship.

Ex­cept for He who cre­ated me; and in­deed, He will guide me.

And he made it a word re­main­ing among his de­scen­dants that they might re­turn [to it](Zukhruf, 26-28).

Al­lah also says, “They have taken their schol­ars and monks as lords be­sides Al­lah , and [also] the Mes­siah, the son of Mary. And they were not com­manded ex­cept to wor­ship one God; there is no de­ity ex­cept Him. Ex­alted is He above what­ever they as­so­ci­ate with Him.’’ (Tauba, 31)

He (SWT) has said: “And [yet], among the peo­ple are those who take other than Al­lah as equals [to Him]. They love them as they [should] love Al­lah. But those who be­lieve are stronger in love for Al­lah. And if only they who have wronged would con­sider [that] when they see the pun­ish­ment, [they will be cer­tain] that all power be­longs to Al­lah and that Al­lah is se­vere in pun­ish­ment.” (Bakara, 165).

It is re­lated in a ha­dith that the Prophet (PBUH) said: “Any­one that says ‘La’ilaha il­lal-Lah’ has ex­pressed de­nial against wor­ship of any other ex­cept Al­lah, it there­fore be­comes haram to take over his wealth and it is also haram to shed his blood. His re­ward is with Al­lah the Ex­alted and Mighty.

Ex­cerpts from the BOOK OF TAUHID by Sheikh Muham­mad Ibn Ab­dul­wah­hab

“Go gen­tly un­til you ar­rive at the land of the en­emy then call them to Is­lam. Tell them about what Al­lah has made wa­jib on them as Al­lah’s right.

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