A skill stands be­tween you and your next goal

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Of­ten times we hit a road block on the way to achiev­ing our goals. We give it all we’ve got but still don’t seem to make progress. Many give up and try some­thing else. Af­ter a se­ries of aban­doned projects, it starts to feel like it was not meant to be. We give up on things oth­ers are mak­ing a suc­cess of.

There is a skill stand­ing be­tween you and your goal. If you master that skill, you start to ex­pe­ri­ence the break­through you are look­ing for. Ev­ery skill is learn­able. The is­sue is want­ing it badly enough, to fo­cus and go through the process. The chal­lenge is that we of­ten don’t want it badly enough. We start learn­ing quite al­right, get dis­tracted along the way and lose in­ter­est. We want the re­sult but do not want to go the through the whole process.

A time comes when you de­cide you want it badly enough and are ready to do all it takes to suc­ceed. When you get to this point, you do not take no for an an­swer. Where there seems to be no way, you make one. You rise up each time you fall, keep go­ing no mat­ter how many times it seems like you are mak­ing no progress. If some­one has done it be­fore, you can do it too. All it takes is mak­ing up your mind to do all it takes. Suc­cess is no re­specter of per­sons.

Usiere Uko is au­thor of Prac­ti­cal Steps to Fi­nan­cial Free­dom & In­de­pen­dence and can be reached at

usiere@gmail.com, www. fi­nan­cial­free­domin­spi­ra­tion.com twit­ter @usiere

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