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Sexytyou is one of the nu­mer­ous

ven­tures of Clara Chi­zoba Kronborg, CEO and owner of the com­pany CCK VEN­TURES Den­mark.

She has been into healthy life­style ever since she was a teenager, In her words” I grew up see­ing my mum & her sis­ter strug­gle with their weight”, that made me start be­ing cau­tious of what goes into my body.

She took her time in build­ing the dis­ci­pline on meals and ex­er­cise. And af­ter nd­ing her bal­ance and the knowl­edge of what works for her body, she de­cided to ex­pand her knowl­edge on Nu­tri­tion and tness, then she stud­ied fur­ther and be­came a certied per­sonal trainer and mem­ber of In­ter­na­tional Sports Sciences As­so­ci­a­tion(issa) Cal­i­for­nia.

Her zeal to ex­tend her knowl­edge and guide oth­ers through tness & healthy life­style keeps grow­ing which

lead her to start sexy t you.

She has been work­ing end­lessly to make it eas­ier for peo­ple to fol­low the tness/healthy life­style even to the size of their pocket through her web­site sexy, youtube chan­nel, so­cial me­dias and her up­com­ing book “GUIDE TO SEXYFITYOU”.

At the same time, she in­tend to make women un­der­stand that you can stay sexy t you with­out go­ing crazy on diet and miss your fa­vorite meals. In her words,'' you eat ev­ery­thing but noth­ing, all in lit­tle por­tion and stay ac­tive, that's the se­cret ''.

Sexy t you is not a tness weight lose or mus­cles pro­gram like the con­ven­tional but is more like a life­style that stands to en­cour­age peo­ple es­pe­cially women in be­ing more ac­tive(ex­er­cise), eating clean, lov­ing them­selves by feel­ing sexy in the shape they de­sire, be­ing t in that shape, while be­ing them­selves (you), not chang­ing their per­son­al­ity in the course.

She ex­plained fur­ther, we all can stay more ac­tive with our daily ac­tiv­i­ties, for ex­am­ple; in­stead of driv­ing 2km dis­tance, walk. In­stead of us­ing the el­e­va­tor, climb the stairs & etc.

She asked, Do you know that break­fast is your best meal for the day? Do you know that you can eat 5times a day and still main­tain your de­sired shape/size while you still keep your me­tab­o­lism at its bal­ance? Well, One should know that a healthy me­tab­o­lism needs many nu­tri­ents to func­tion prop­erly, In other words, the type of food eaten can inuence your me­tab­o­lism, it can ei­ther be burned to lib­er­ate en­ergy, con­verted into body weight, or it can be ex­creted. for ex­am­ple; weekly meal prep is a good way to learn your nu­tri­ent in­take, also food sub­sti­tutes and food mea­sure­ment is a good way to avoid ex­cess fatty meals( e.g

brown rice for white rice, home baked wheat/ ba­nana bread for white bread)etc. She said, “in my up­com­ing book, I have ev­ery step cov­ered'', But Let me ex­plain a lit­tle bit of how one gains self-love /self condence by be­ing sexytyou.

First, as you stand this jour­ney, you al­ready know your mis­sion which is why you in­tend to live a healthy life­style, it could be be­cause of your health, to main­tain a cer­tain shape or size and even to be more en­er­getic. Sec­ondly, at the process, you re­al­ize your goal be­cause you start see­ing re­sults and then it leads you nally to be­ing dis­ci­pline to main­tain your goal (learn­ing to say yes or no ac­cord­ing to ne­ces­sity).

You be­come your own mo­ti­va­tion be­cause you are in charge of your own body and the hunger it strives for. At that point, you start to feel this light that comes from within, which is un­ex­plain­able and can only be known when tried.

That feel­ing you feel when you see re­sults, that dis­ci­pline you build at the process of main­tain­ing your achieved goal and you mir­ror reec­tion are great boost to ones self love&self-condence ef­fort­lessly.

You eat ev­ery­thing but noth­ing, all in lit­tle por­tion and stay ac­tive, that’s the se­cret!

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