Self Love

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Talk­ing about lov­ing self, “Love you more” we’re of­ten told. But what does that mean? What ex­actly, does it feel like? Does it mean spend­ing the day in bed, or go­ing out & get­ting some ex­er­cise? Does it mean eating a bowl of choco­late ice-cream, or eating a salad in­stead? Well, it can be all of these things. The root of rad­i­cal self love is in lis­ten­ing to your in­tu­ition, trust­ing it & learn­ing to hear what your body is telling you it needs. Let us not mis­take self-love; First, let us dis­pel some myths about what it means to love you. Self-love is not about be­ing ar­ro­gant or ego­tis­ti­cal. It is not about com­par­ing your­self to oth­ers to de­ter­mine if you are good enough. It is not about al­ways putting your­self first at the ex­pense of oth­ers. It is not about al­ways get­ting your way. It is not about al­ways win­ning. It is not about ‘only look­ing af­ter num­ber one’. To love your­self is to be in awe of the mir­a­cle of your ex­is­tence. It is to ac­cept your­self as you are - the “light” parts and the “dark”, the “good” and the “bad” - while know­ing that the real you is above the per­ceived du­al­i­ties of the phys­i­cal realm. It is to be will­ing to re­ceive as much as you are will­ing to give and do both equally. It is about know­ing your val­ues and your bound­aries and hon­or­ing them. It is about teach­ing oth­ers how to treat you by show­ing them how you treat your­self. It is about be­ing kind to your­self. It is about look­ing af­ter your mind, your body and your spirit; all three. It is about know­ing that you are worth it, not be­cause of what you have achieved or what you look like or what oth­ers think of you, but be­cause love is your birthright no mat­ter what and be­cause you are beau­ti­ful just as you are.

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