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Nige­ria is the Gi­ant of Africa, not only in pa­pers but in ac­tu­al­ity. Cur­rently ranked the 57th best coun­try in the world (USA news and World report), the riches in Nige­ria can­not at­trib­uted to it and its peo­ple, bring­ing be over em­pha­sized: its econ­omy, power and busi

about the beauty of har­mony and mu­tual ness op­por­tu­ni­ties as well as the peo­ple in it. Our

re­spect amongst the peo­ple; Nige­ria is pop­u­la­tion of over 180 mil­lion peo­ple is made up

the place to be when you think of meet­ing of three ma­jor eth­nic groups: the Yoruba, Igbo and

peo­ple, with dif­fer­ent cul­tures and Hausa and fur­ther di­ver­si­fied into over 250 tribes and

life­style and this makes it a very hos­pitable lan­guages and over 600 eth­nic groups in the coun­try

coun­try to dwell. It is a great coun­try, with with dif­fer­ent cul­tures pe­cu­liar to them. Its diver­sity,

riches, cul­ture and beau­ti­ful aes­thet­ics of dif­fer­ences in cul­ture and lan­guage brings about the

na­ture, which is sec­ond to none in Africa. beauty of the coun­try, for in ev­ery cul­ture in Nige­ria,

Our riches in re­spect to our econ­omy is there are core val­ues at­trib­uted to it and its peo­ple,

large in greens (Agriculture), the land is full bring­ing about the beauty, har­mony and mu­tual re

of green and our also yield var­i­ous spect amongst the peo­ple. Nige­ria is the place to be

min­er­als, hereby en­rich­ing our great when you think of meet­ing happy peo­ple or in­vest

coun­try. Nige­ria is a great pro­ducer of ing prof­itably. Nige­ri­ans are hos­pitable. She is a great

palm oil, tim­ber and co­coa etc and some coun­try with riches, cul­ture and beau­ti­ful aes­thet­ics of na­ture, other which is sources sec­ond of to none wealth in the She coun­trypro

th duces palm such oil, as tim­berthe crude­and co­coaoil, whic­hand oth­er­she is sources­the 6 of wealth largest such as ex­porter­crude oil, of of in whichthe world!she is the There6th largest ex­porter­are so manyin the world!other There un­tappedare many re­source­sother un­tapped that re­source­shave been that be­stowed­abound in Nige­ Nige­ria.

Nige­ria also stands as a des­ti­na­tion for eco­tourism in Africa. For those who are very ad­ven­tur­ous at heart, who want to see as a lion pur­sues its prey, an ele­phant draw wa­ter with its tusk, a rare bird land­ing on a shrub, or even a hip­popota­mus open­ing wide its large mouth; any of the Nige­ria’s na­tional parks is the right des­ti­na­tion for you: the Cross River Na­tional Park, Ku­muku Na­tional Park in Kaduna state and Yankari Na­tional Park in Bauchi State. Nige­ria has good cli­matic con­di­tion but tem­per­a­ture varies ac­cord­ing to sea­sons rareof the bird year. land­ing Nige­ria on hasa shrub.two ma­jor Or sea­sons,even a Rainy and hip­popota­musDry. open­ing wide its large

mouth; any of the Nige­ria's na­tional parks There areis just lots theof cul­tur­al­right des­ti­na­tion­fes­ti­vals to look­for you,out for the in Nige­ria, cross which river in­clude na­tion­al­var­i­ous fun park, ac­tiv­i­ties ku­mukusuch as mas­quer­ade na­tional pa­rades, park in the Kadunadis­play of state dif­ferentand yankari beau­ti­ful cul­tural na­tional at­tire, park cul­tur­alin bauchi dance, state. dis­plays of dif­fer­ent in­dige­nous tal­ents, stunts as well as magic dis­plays for ex­cite­ment More and so, fun the are aes­thet­ic­thrilling to na­ture­watch. of Nige­ria

is one to be­hold, the lands are green, full More so, the aes­thetic na­ture of Nige­ria is one to be

of hills as well as val­leys, beau­ti­ful hold. There are tourist des­ti­na­tions such as the Olu

land­scape, oceans and seas, rivers and mo Rock in Abeokuta, Bada­gry Slave Trade Cen­tre in La­gos, the streams.Osun River, There and are the Ibadan other Zoo, great the re­sort Obudu Cat­tle Ranch, the nu­mer­ous beaches and re­sort

cen­ters all over the coun­try such as Inagbe Grand re­sort and many more in­ter­est­ing places to visit. More than na­ture it­self, Nige­ri­ans are very cre­ative in pro­vid­ing fun cen­ters and places of in­ter­est for peo­ple to ex­pe­ri­ence fun and qual­ity ser­vice, places such as hotels, ex­quis­ite restau­rants, gyms, reser­va­tion cen­ters and many more. This is to pro­vide peo­ple with the com­fort they want and de­sire in liv­ing in a coun­try like Nige­ria. The ser­vices ren­dered in these cen­ters and the friend­li­ness of the peo­ple por­trays Nige­ria to be one of the best coun­tries in hos­pi­tal­ity. Nige­ria is blessed coun­try, lled with riches, great cul­ture, beau­ti­ful na­ture and good peo­ple!!!

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