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Port Har­court is read­ily an in­dus­trial city, built solely for busi­ness. Orig­i­nat­ing as a port for trans­fer of coal from the in­ner Enugu re­gions, it soon hosted a bur­geon­ing trade in oil fol­low­ing the dis­cov­ery in 1956 of crude oil in com­mer­cial quan­tity. Now, the city houses nu­mer­ous multi­na­tion­als who pri­mar­ily en­gage in the oil busi­ness…and quite nat­u­rally has evolved an ex­pen­sive life­style. Port Har­court is the chief oilrening city in Nige­ria, and is ex­clu­sively re­spon­si­ble for mak­ing Rivers one of the wealth­i­est states in Nige­ria.

All the oil money cer­tainly makes up for the ex­pen­sive na­ture of the city, which is ar­guably the most ex­pen­sive in the coun­try. How­ever, if you are look­ing to in­vest in the world's most volatile money­maker, then Port Har­court is your des­ti­na­tion to con­sider.

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