So­cial As­pects Of Smil­ing

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How­ever, there are some so­cial as­pect of smil­ing among hu­mans, smil­ing is an ex­pres­sion de­not­ing plea­sure, so­cia­bil­ity, hap­pi­ness, or amuse­ment. It is dis­tinct from a sim­i­lar but usu­ally in­vol­un­tary ex­pres­sion of anx­i­ety known as a gri­mace. Although cross­cul­tural stud­ies have shown that smil­ing is a means of com­mu­ni­ca­tion through­out the world, there are large dif­fer­ences be­tween dif­fer­ent cul­tures, with some us­ing smiles to con­vey con­fu­sion or em­bar­rass­ment. So­cial smil­ing nor­mally de­vel­ops very early in life and ba­bies will smile be­tween 6 and 8 weeks of age as they de­velop their so­cial

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