Four nil - goal­less draw

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- Nice dance moves you’ve got there. - Yes o. - Your cows are luck­ier than Sai Baba’s. - Cows? - Yes now, most Naija big men have cows with Fu­la­nis. - Biko, please don’t link me with herds­men; I don’t even rear chick­ens. - It’s peo­ple like you who make the smug­gling of ex­pired chick­ens lu­cra­tive busi­ness. - Se­ri­ously I don’t like Fu­lani jokes, its dan­ger­ous. Some­one might think I am one of the god­fa­thers of bloody herds­men. - Non­sense, Fu­la­nis are our broth­ers, this non­sense too shall pass. - I have warned you if you are a true friend, don’t link me with cat­tle rear­ers. - So tell me who beats drums for your tad­pole? - Fi­nally, APC has found the mojo. - Re­ally? - Yes o, gov­ern­ment is to un­veil the magic blue­print to trans­port us from re­ces­sion to pro­gres­sion and grow the econ­omy by seven per cent. - Poli­tri­cians! - What? - They’re like suit­ors - al­ways hood­wink with lofty dreams. the It’s a plan pre­pared by a team led by Vice Pres­i­dent. It was of­fi­cially an­nounced to a UNICEF chief last week, so it’s not a ruse. - Be­ware! - Be­ware of what? - Of elec­tion-in­duced plans. How long has this gov­ern­ment been in power? - We must com­mend their ca­pac­ity to con­ceive this blue­print and be­lieve them to de­liver it. - Your case is like that of the man who dreamt that he made mil­lions; woke up and set fire to his old house be­liev­ing he would build a new one. - How is that? - The APC has been in gov­ern­ment for two years abi? - Well, yes, nearly two years. - And it is now that they are un­fold­ing an eco­nomic blue­print? - Well, bet­ter late than never… - Re-elec­tion­eer­ing cam­paign has be­gun. - This se­ri­ous busi­ness. - I’ll see it in ac­tion to be­lieve it. Poli­tri­cians are very crafty. So it is now, they hope to take us out of the blues? How do you de­liver growth when we just lost nearly 80% of our power gen­er­a­tion ca­pac­ity or has God given you guys the keys to the sun? - Be pos­i­tive, things will work. - We have just lost the most im­por­tant blue­print and you’re talk­ing about be­ing pos­i­tive. - The most im­por­tant blue­print the ERGP has not even been fully un­folded yet. - Who cares about ERGP? I am talk­ing of the plank on which the APC cam­paigned and came to power? - Have they re­placed the broom with a vac­uum cleaner? drive If they do where is the power to it? I am talk­ing of the se­rial loses in the courts. - Se­rial loses? - Gov­ern­ment has lost four high pro­file anti-cor­rup­tion cases in the courts of law. It was four-nil by the last count. - 4-0, it’s not a draw if some­one has four. - You will get the joke if you were a foot­ball fan. But four cases lost, just like that in one week. - I don’t get you. - You will get me if you’ve been read­ing the Trust. Be­tween Mon­day and Thurs­day last week, we lost four highly me­di­a­tized anti-cor­rup­tion cases. First Mike Ozekhome got the cheques to his N75 mil­lion ac­count; the next day Abubakar Malami dis­cov­ered that the N2 mil­lion Orubebe haul was ac­tu­ally not miss­ing from the trea­sury. - Hum. - Then on Wed­nes­day, we lost pro­pri­ety to Jus­tice Ade­mola and his wife re­gained ac­cess to their $520,000 as the case against them was struck out. - That’s the ju­di­ciary for you, but gov­ern­ment is ap­peal­ing. - The jud­ishar­ing ke? Okay o. Fi­nally, last Thurs­day; the courts gave Madam Pa­tience back her $5 milla. gov­ern­ment I know… the ju­di­ciary is not with in its anti-cor­rup­tion war. - Heh, leave the jud­ishar­ing out of this mat­ter, you hear. Was the leg­is­la­ture in it with you? What about even some mem­bers of the Ex­e­cuthief? But for­get that for once and ask your­self what kind of prose­cu­tors han­dled these cases? - Huum. - Looks like sloppy in­ves­ti­ga­tion to me. The prose­cu­tors were ob­vi­ously more in­ter­ested in trial by media than gath­er­ing iron­clad ev­i­dence that could be used to con­vict peo­ple in the court of law. Mo­ral­ity, pub­lic opin­ion and le­gal­ity are not the same - that was why we have been telling them to fol­low due process in­stead of buy­ing pub­lic sym­pa­thy with shifty ev­i­dence that can­not stand in the face of law. - So you think peo­ple are not cor­rupt? - I know some peo­ple are cor­rupt, but you can’t just take peo­ple to court sim­ply be­cause you found money in their house, or in their ware­house, the courts don’t con­vict based on pub­lic out­cry, they fol­low the law. - So how do we win this war? - Find ev­i­dence, get wit­nesses or use foren­sic ev­i­dence and for God’s sake use com­pe­tent hands to han­dle pros­e­cu­tion. This is not a good thing for us and if it con­tin­ues, we may lose more than twice. - How? - If the dis­charged seek re­dress for defama­tion, the courts would award them costs - that would be a dou­ble loss and I see it com­ing.

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