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Good day doc­tor, my son is ten months old and he has been suf­fer­ing from nose block­age for al­most nine months now. We took him to hospi­tal but the prob­lem still per­sists. Please, help. Thanks, Gideon Nose and nasal pas­sages are im­por­tant for pas­sage of air and breath­ing. Things that can cause nose block­age in­clude: rhini­tis which is the in­flam­ma­tion of the nose or nasal lin­ing; nasal polyps; cold and flu. Oth­ers in­cludes: si­nus in­fec­tion: al­ler­gic rhini­tis; de­vi­ated sep­tum and en­larged ade­noids. Blocked nose makes you feel stuffy and strug­gling for breath. It could be dis­tress­ing for chil­dren. Hav­ing this prob­lem for al­most nine months now that is like a month af­ter birth. He has to see an ENT (ear, nose and throat) sur­geon. Steps to be taken in­clude avoid­ing ex­po­sure to cold, if the child is al­ler­gic some­thing and avoid things that cause al­lergy. Other steps in­clude tak­ing of Vi­ta­min C and steam in­hala­tion

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