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I have very big prob­lem sir. Af­ter my men­stru­a­tion, I use to see black fluid com­ing out, some­times white thick fluid, and I am not mar­ried as I’m just 17 years old, at first I thought it was all part of ma­tu­rity, but I now re­al­ize that it’s not and I am feeling shy to tell to my mum and sis­ter. I can only dis­cuss this with you be­cause I’m not face to face with you. Please what do you sug­gest? Nafisa, Kano First let me en­cour­age all young peo­ple es­pe­cially teenagers to feel free to re­late any is­sue of their sex­u­al­ity with their moth­ers also. And it is a chal­lenge to our moth­ers, there must be some­thing miss­ing when daugh­ters can­not re­late their prob­lems with their moth­ers. Par­ents need to cre­ate time for their chil­dren. Ba­sic health ed­u­ca­tion and sex­u­al­ity should be taught even at home.

Par­ents es­pe­cially moth­ers should stress to their wards how to han­dle them­selves when it comes to is­sues con­cern­ing men­stru­a­tion and vagi­nal dis­charge. Any dis­charge from vagi­nal should be no­ti­fied to the par­ents.

Con­cern­ing your com­plaints, first you still have to in­form your mother so that she can take you to see your fam­ily physi­cian. The doc­tor need to ex­am­ine you and take swab for test.

Af­ter the test the an­tibi­otics would be given. Un­treated and poorly treated dis­charge can af­fect fer­til­ity in the fu­ture.

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