We don’t know what Gan­duje is up to –Rep Dan­bu­ram

Sunday Trust - - INTERVIEW | BIG STORY - By Musa Ab­dul­lahi Kr­ishi

CBut be­fore the con­do­lence visit, the feud is said to be on

an you tell us why the sup­port­ers of Kwankwaso and Gan­duje clashed?

The Kwankwasiyya is an or­ga­ni­za­tion that re­spects the rule of law. We’re not out to fight; we’re not out to at­tack any­body.

What hap­pened was that we, the Kwankwasiyya sup­port­ers, went out as usual as part of Sal­lah cel­e­bra­tions to pay our re­spect to the Emir and cel­e­brate with him. But to our great­est sur­prise, the Gan­duje sup­port­ers had some­thing in mind. They came out in large num­bers and at­tacked our peo­ple.

The for­mer SSG and some for­mer com­mis­sion­ers were there and they were at­tacked. So many peo­ple were in­jured for no just rea­son.

We won’t al­low this thing to go like that. We have al­ready pe­ti­tioned the IG and the Po­lice Ser­vice Com­mis­sion (PSC) so that they’ll in­ves­ti­gate the mat­ter.

Do you sus­pect that the gover­nor has a hand in it?

Of course, we sus­pect that the gover­nor has a hand in it, be­cause his sup­port­ers were the ones that car­ried out the at­tacks. The state gov­ern­ment is yet to say any­thing about it. They’re com­plicit in it. They’re aware of ev­ery­thing.

When the at­tack took place, the po­lice were there and no­body was ar­rested. They saw ev­ery­thing that took place, but they didn’t stop it.

We be­lieve that the IG and the PSC will take ac­tion. But be­yond that, we’ll make sure that we take this mat­ter to the Na­tional As­sem­bly. Jus­tice must be done.

Part of the ac­tions we’ll take is to go to court at the end of the day if noth­ing is done, be­cause we know all those that at­tacked our peo­ple. Their iden­ti­ties are known to us, so if noth­ing is done, we’ll go and seek re­dress in court.

You can’t rule away ran­cour like this from pol­i­tics. If you ad­dress this one, an­other one will sur­face but at the long run, peo­ple who love the party and Kano State will agree to rec­on­cil­i­a­tion. Look at the is­sue in La­gos in 2015 be­tween Fashola and Tin­ubu. They had dif­fer­ent can­di­dates for the La­gos gov­er­nor­ship elec­tion but at the

When this thing hap­pened, none of our mem­bers was found with any arm or weapon. Peo­ple should know that we’re not against any­body.

We have the right to air our views just like any other Nige­rian within the con­fines of the con­sti­tu­tion. Who­ever thinks he can at­tack end of the day when Am­bode, Tin­ubu’s can­di­date clinched the APC ticket, Fashola sup­ported him.

Sim­i­larly, in Adamawa State when Atiku con­tested for the pres­i­dency, he lost the our peo­ple and go scot-free should know that it can never be. We’ll en­sure that we do ev­ery­thing within the law to get what is right for our peo­ple.

Do you think go­ing to court will re­solve the mat­ter?

This is one of the means laid down by pri­mary, so also his can­di­date for the Adamawa gov­er­nor­ship elec­tion. But still he col­lapsed his struc­tures for the party. So, I don’t see any prob­lem in 2019 as long as we all have the in­ter­est of the party and Kano at heart. the con­sti­tu­tion. When you’re de­mand­ing for your rights, there are pro­ce­dures. So, you use ev­ery means pos­si­ble within the con­fines of the law, in as much as you’re not go­ing out of what the law has pro­vided. We’re de­mand­ing for our rights. We’ll use ev­ery means pos­si­ble to en­sure that we get that right, in­clud­ing go­ing to court, be­cause the peo­ple in­volved need to be called to or­der. They need to pay for what they have done to serve as pun­ish­ment.

Is there any room for rec­on­cil­i­a­tion?

With the way they at­tacked us, they’re not ready for any rec­on­cil­i­a­tion. Nige­ri­ans should know that what’s hap­pen­ing in Kano State is a se­ri­ous is­sue, and we’ll go to any length to get things right.

But maybe the party’s na­tional lead­er­ship will come in at the end of the day, but with the way they’re go­ing about it, I don’t think they’re ready for any rec­on­cil­i­a­tion.

Do you have any con­di­tion for rec­on­cil­i­a­tion?

What con­di­tion? We didn’t start this whole thing. He started it, and we don’t re­ally know what he’s af­ter. If you ob­serve all his ut­ter­ances in the pub­lic, you’ll know that he’s up to some­thing, but we don’t know his mo­tives.

Our leader has main­tained si­lence on the mat­ter be­cause he has not said any­thing since it started. So, it’s not about us giv­ing any con­di­tion be­cause we don’t know the gover­nor’s mo­tives.

Don’t you think what is hap­pen­ing will af­fect the chances of those of you sup­port­ing Kwankwaso in 2019?

Elec­tion mat­ter is some­thing that changes by min­utes. Any­thing can hap­pen in the next one minute can­not talk about any­thing 2019 now be­cause things can change; the per­mu­ta­tions can change. I al­ways tell peo­ple that let’s wait for the time to come.

Hon. Abubakar Nuhu Dan­bu­ram

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