Leap­ing out of paral­y­sis

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HActs 3:1-10 ere is an amaz­ing story of a man who was crip­pled all his life and sat at the gate of the Tem­ple beg­ging for a liv­ing un­til that faith­ful day when God used the apos­tles to heal him. He was ex­pect­ing some coins, but he got a life-chang­ing mir­a­cle! He jumped up and started leap­ing in joy. I can imag­ine the sur­prise and the joy in his heart! God gave him a DI­VINE SUR­PRISE! The Lord will give you a sweet sur­prise this week!!

This man must have en­vied peo­ple who walked past him every day and wished he too could walk. As days and months passed by, he must have given up hope and re­sorted to beg­ging for sur­vival. But a faith­ful day came in which he had an en­counter that com­pletely changed his life. All those you en­vied be­fore will soon be­gin to envy you! You can walk like oth­ers, run like oth­ers and leap like oth­ers. This day is the day of your lib­er­a­tion from that crip­pling con­di­tion in your life!

You may have been look­ing at peo­ple driv­ing their cars past you and you won­der if you can ever own one. Soon, you will be driv­ing like oth­ers. You may have looked at peo­ple liv­ing in their own houses and won­der if that can ever hap­pen to you. As a sin­gle you may have looked at those who are mar­ried and won­der when yours will be. Per­haps you have longed for chil­dren of your own and won­der if it will ever hap­pen. God is about to change your story!

God is about to turn your tragedy into a di­vine strat­egy that will bring lots of peo­ple into the King­dom. God will take what was in­tended to em­bar­rass you to em­power you and oth­ers.

5 Ways to have a di­vine sur­prise at­ten­tion to those who speak the Word of God into your destiny. Pay at­ten­tion to the prophet or­dained for you. Pay at­ten­tion to the wise and anointed. If you pay at­ten­tion to the wise and anointed long enough, you will com­mand the at­ten­tion of oth­ers. You will com­mand re­spect, suc­cess and wealth if you pay at­ten­tion to the com­mands of God. Pay at­ten­tion to the preacher or prophet in the house. Pay at­ten­tion to Je­sus. Pay at­ten­tion to the word of God. Med­i­tate on it day and night. Pay at­ten­tion to spir­i­tual prin­ci­ples and peo­ple and you will never fail.

3. Ex­pect to re­ceive. Ex­pec­ta­tion is a pow­er­ful force that draws your mir­a­cle to you. Ex­pec­ta­tion po­si­tions you to re­ceive. Ex­pect to win. Ex­pect to make it. Ex­pect to be healed. Ex­pect to re­ceive your mir­a­cle. Ex­pect to be mar­ried to the right per­son. Ex­pect to suc­ceed.

4. Be­lieve you can make it. All things are pos­si­ble to him that be­lieves. Bless­ings are ei­ther com­ing to­wards you or pass you. It takes faith to make them your own.

5. Take a leap of faith. Faith is the spir­i­tual force that brings your mir­a­cle into your life and the proof of faith is obe­di­ence. It is the step you take based on your be­lief that makes things hap­pen. Every mir­a­cle is trace­able to a step of obe­di­ence. Naa­man dipped him­self seven times in River Jor­dan; his lep­rosy dis­ap­peared. They obeyed the in­struc­tion to fill the wa­ter pots with wa­ter and they got wine. The widow made her last meal for the prophet and the source be­gan to mul­ti­ply. The blind man was asked by Je­sus to wash his eyes in the pool of Siloam; his sight was re­stored. You are one in­struc­tion away from your break­through. You are one in­struc­tion away from your mir­a­cle. God will al­ways prompt you to take a step each time you have a need. What you do with this prompt­ing de­ter­mines what God will do next.

Con­se­quently, every de­pri­va­tion, loss or fail­ure is trace­able to an act of dis­obe­di­ence. Adam lost the Gar­den of Eden and all its com­fort be­cause he ate of the fruit God told him not to. Saul lost his throne be­cause he failed to com­pletely de­stroy the Amalekites as in­structed by God. Ab­sa­lom died young be­cause he failed to hon­our his fa­ther David. Obe­di­ence is what sep­a­rates you from tragedy.

Find out what is re­quired to over­come paral­y­sis and start do­ing them. Do what you couldn’t do be­fore. Try some­thing new. To over­come fi­nan­cial paral­y­sis, start pay­ing your tithe faith­fully and sow­ing seeds for every need. Get rid of un­for­give­ness if that is the root of your problem.

This man’s at­ten­tion and obe­di­ence got him more than he ex­pected. God gave him a di­vine sur­prise. Re­ceive a di­vine sur­prise right now! This week God will give you more than you bar­gained for. On July 28 2017, a fully loaded petrol tanker ran into an 18-seater com­muter bus and ex­ploded in flames at Felele-Lokoja, claim­ing the lives of over a dozen per­sons. Pho­tos and video footages of the charred and man­gled bod­ies of the vic­tims, which went vi­ral on the so­cial me­dia, showed the des­per­ate strug­gle of hu­man be­ings to sur­vive, be­fore they fi­nally suc­cumbed to the fire. Yet, it is over a decade since the con­tract for the du­al­iza­tion of the Abuja-Lokoja road was awarded: an­other sym­bol of the rank cor­rup­tion that has dec­i­mated hu­man lives in Nige­ria. But is the govern­ment both­ered? I am not too sure. Those who should care have ac­cess to pri­vate jets and fully se­cured SUVs, with am­bu­lance and se­cu­rity, for their trav­els. Only or­di­nary Nige­ri­ans suf­fer.

The re­al­ity of Nige­ria to­day is of a peo­ple who have been bat­tered and whipped into sub­mis­sion by the harsh so­cio-eco­nomic con­di­tions. Mil­lions are caught be­tween star­va­tion and sui­cide. These are not the sorts of peo­ple you’d ex­pect to protest against the cal­lous­ness of govern­ment. Nige­ri­ans have per­fected the art of low ex­pec­ta­tion from their lead­ers. A sit­u­a­tion where ‘any­thing goes’ is just good enough. By some in­ex­pli­ca­ble rea­sons, we are in­cred­i­bly com­fort­able and ex­ces­sively pa­tient with shock­ing lev­els of medi­ocrity and in­com­pe­tence. No one wants to break the tire­some cir­cle of docil­ity and sub­ju­ga­tion. We take pride in our re­silience. Our abil­ity to for­get and quickly bounce back from con­di­tions and cir­cum­stances that crip­ple peo­ple in other climes is listed among the top of our nat­u­ral en­dow­ments. Yet this typ­i­cal Nige­rian re­silience has be­come an ex­cuse for stu­pid­ity and ir­re­spon­si­ble fol­low­er­ship, un­will­ing to hold lead­er­ship to ac­count.

On the oc­ca­sion of Buhari’s 100 days in Lon­don, The Guardian God will do for you to­day ex­ceed­ing abun­dantly above all that you ask or think. If you ex­pect the Lord to touch you only in one area, He will touch you in every area of your life. He will meet that need you thought was im­pos­si­ble. Those you en­vied be­fore will be­gin to envy you.

This man got up leap­ing and danc­ing and prais­ing God. I see you leap­ing out of poverty. I see you leap­ing out of that sick­ness and in­fir­mity in Je­sus name. The name of Je­sus that worked for this man is work­ing for you right now! In the name of Je­sus, rise up from that sick­ness; rise up from that pit; rise up from that fi­nan­cial mess; rise up from that bar­ren­ness; rise up from that mar­i­tal problem.

Ev­ery­thing that kept you down be­fore, leaves you now, in Je­sus name! You are com­ing out of that spir­i­tual paral­y­sis. You are com­ing out of that emo­tional and fi­nan­cial paral­y­sis.

The Lord is set to give you fresh tes­ti­monies of his favour and gen­eros­ity. His hand is open to bless you with his abun­dance. Stop now wher­ever you are; reach out by faith and col­lect it in Je­sus name! Newspaper listed seven pains of Pres­i­dent Buhari’s med­i­cal va­ca­tion. The most dev­as­tat­ing pains are the lack of faith in our coun­try’s health in­sti­tu­tions that it has caused and the bad ex­am­ple it has set for other elected pub­lic of­fi­cials, in ad­di­tion to the ten­sion it is caus­ing in the coun­try. So, should Buhari re­sign? That should be the rea­son­able thing for a man of hon­our, whose famed per­sonal in­tegrity has been used to taunt us be­yond ac­cept­able lev­els of hy­per­bole. This is the only way the ail­ing pres­i­dent, who has stayed away from his duty post for a com­bined pe­riod of six months, can spare the na­tion the neg­a­tive fall­outs of his ob­sti­nate hold on to power. For a man whose in­ca­pac­i­ta­tion was vis­i­bly felt in his voice as he fran­ti­cally strug­gled to speak in Hausa lan­guage dur­ing a ra­dio broad­cast at the last Eid-el cel­e­bra­tion, and in his thor­oughly ema­ci­ated physique in re­cent pho­to­graphs, noth­ing else will avail.

But will Buhari re­sign? A man and his per­son­al­ity cult of fol­low­ers, who think, live, and be­have as if the Nige­rian pres­i­dency is their birthright, and that Buhari is do­ing the na­tion a great priv­i­lege by oc­cu­py­ing the po­si­tion, to con­tem­plate such a move might never come. Should he even dream about it, emis­saries will be sent to him to ask him if “he is out of his mind.” Af­ter all, even Je­sus was said to be in such a state when he went back home and kept work­ing tire­lessly to at­tend to the crowd of peo­ple that swarmed around him, with­out tak­ing a break to eat (see Mark 3:21). The only dif­fer­ence is that in the present case, Buhari is not work­ing and has stopped the na­tion from work­ing, but is eat­ing com­fort­ably from the na­tion’s trea­sury.

So, where are our prophets?

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