Why God is wait­ing for you to grow – II

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MHow ma­ture are you?

atu­rity is not how long you have lived or been a Chris­tian, how much of the Bible you know or how many big pas­tors or Chris­tians you know, or how many Chris­tian books you have. It is the sum total of your way of think­ing (your per­spec­tive), your lan­guage or con­ver­sa­tion and your con­duct. It is not just your be­lief but your be­hav­iour; not just your pro­fes­sion but your per­for­mance. See who a ma­ture Chris­tian is… (...con­tin­ued from last week) 3. The ma­ture Chris­tian is one who has learnt how to praise God de­spite their pain and dis­com­fort - know­ing that He does not af­flict will­ingly; know­ing also that all pain is tem­po­rary and work for their good. He is not one who has stopped hav­ing dif­fi­cul­ties, but one who has stopped cry­ing be­cause of them. Adults are not adults be­cause they’ve stopped hav­ing prob­lems nor have they stopped cry­ing like ba­bies be­cause they no longer have chal­lenges.

4. The ma­ture Chris­tian is one who has learnt the value of time spent with God daily in study­ing the Word and prayers. They are those who have learnt to re­ceive strength for life through wor­ship, study and prayer. Chil­dren spend time, adults in­vest time.

5. One who will not com­pro­mise for any rea­son but is pre­pared to give even his life for what he be­lieves. He is ready to stand for the truth re­gard­less of the per­sonal con­se­quences.

6. One who is ready to make what­ever sac­ri­fices may be needed to see that the in­ter­ests of the king­dom are ad­vanced - one who does not see the bless­ing of God as a loot to plun­der but an as­set to in­vest for the ben­e­fit of the king­dom.

7. One who puts God first, oth­ers sec­ond and self last. One whose mo­tives have shifted from self ben­e­fit to king­dom ben­e­fit. One whose favourite ques­tion is what does the Bible say? Who do not what they want but what is nec­es­sary. One who does things ac­cord­ing to pri­or­ity. They un­der­stand cor­rect pri­or­ity - the ul­ti­mate; not the im­me­di­ate.

8. One who is not self­ish - who uses things for peo­ple and not peo­ple for things; they don’t care who gets the glory, the praise and the recog­ni­tion. Who go not just for what will ben­e­fit them but for only what is nec­es­sary to ad­vance the king­dom.

9. One who is fruit­ful. Ma­ture peo­ple re­pro­duce them­selves. You can never be de­scribed as a ma­ture Chris­tian if you are not a soul win­ner. Chil­dren don’t re­pro­duce.

10. One whose con­ver­sa­tion is pure, holy and truth­ful in pri­vate and public. The Bible says “Let no cor­rupt com­mu­ni­ca­tion pro­ceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of ed­i­fy­ing, that it may min­is­ter grace unto the hear­ers.” Eph 4:29

11. They live by faith. They sub­ject their fear to their faith; they sub­ject their feel­ing to His lead­ing. They do not look at what they see but the prom­ises of the Word of God.

12. They are led by the Spirit. What does it mean to be led by the Spirit? To be led by the Spirit means re­spond­ing to life’s chal­lenges and is­sues ac­cord­ing to the Word of God. Je­sus said, “The word that I speak to you they are spirit and life.” So when you walk ac­cord­ing the word you are walk­ing ac­cord­ing to the Spirit. When you walk in the Word you walk in the Spirit. It also means to be su­per­nat­u­rally guided by the Holy Spirit through di­vine rev­e­la­tions.

How do you grow?

Growth is a choice. An un­used present leads to an empty fu­ture. If you do nothing now, you will re­main on the same spot. Be­ing born is an event but growth is a process. You are not too old to grow up.

What each in­di­vid­ual man­i­fests de­pends on a com­bi­na­tion of three fac­tors: ge­netic in­her­i­tance,

1. Learn­ing and seeing things from God’s per­spec­tive: What you be­come is what you ex­pose your­self to. What you feed on de­ter­mines what you grow to be­come. Get your mind re­newed. Your char­ac­ter is es­sen­tially the sum of your habits.

Ro­mans 12:2 and 2 Corinthi­ans 3:18 talk about hav­ing our minds re­newed. The Greek word for trans­formed is meta­mor­pho­sis used to­day to de­scribe the amaz­ing change a cater­pil­lar goes through in becoming a but­ter­fly. It is a beau­ti­ful pic­ture of what hap­pens to us spir­i­tu­ally when we al­low God to di­rect our thoughts: we are changed from the in­side out, we be­come more beau­ti­ful. And we are set free to soar to new heights. Any­one who wants to suc­ceed must build and be guided by prin­ci­ples and val­ues worth dy­ing for.

God uses His word, peo­ple and cir­cum­stances to mould us. We are trans­formed by truth, trou­ble, temp­ta­tions and other ex­pe­ri­ences. A Chi­nese proverb says the gem can­not be pol­ished with­out fric­tion, nor man per­fected with­out tri­als.

2. De­vel­op­ing con­vic­tions (strong be­liefs). A conviction is not just an idea you posses but an idea that pos­sesses you. Why does the Bible say all things are pos­si­ble to him that be­lieves and not to him that knows? Be­cause peo­ple gen­er­ally do not do what they know but what they be­lieve. Peo­ple pur­sue their con­vic­tions. What you’ve heard is one thing but what you be­lieve is an­other. What you end up do­ing is not what you heard but what you be­lieve. It is not ev­ery­thing I know that I do. But I have dis­cov­ered that it is only what I do that pro­duces any re­sult.

3. Prac­tic­ing what you know. Joby Weeks, a 22 year old mil­lion­aire said it is not knowl­edge that is power but ap­plied knowl­edge. What is the use teach­ing a drown­ing man how to use a life jacket that he will not use? How many have you seen who come to church to be blessed have ap­plied the prin­ci­ple of giv­ing that they have been taught? Stop going to church if you are not ready to change! Growth is the abil­ity to change what you are do­ing in or­der to al­ter your re­sults. It is the abil­ity to im­prove your knowl­edge and your prac­tice in or­der to ob­tain bet­ter re­sults.

4. De­vel­op­ing godly habits. We must put on the char­ac­ter of Christ by de­vel­op­ing new, godly habits. Your char­ac­ter is es­sen­tially the sum of your habits; it is how you ha­bit­u­ally act.

This is your third pur­pose for liv­ing: growth: becoming like Christ. Be the Christ that peo­ple see and want to em­u­late. Be­come an ex­am­ple of be­liev­ers. Only then can you be a true wit­ness for Him and make the de­sired im­pact. Have a blessed week.

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