Seafood Ir­ish potato por­ridge with veg­etable side dish

Sunday Trust - - TAMBARI EXTRA - by UCHE EZE

Ir­ish potato is pop­u­lar for its rich­ness in nu­tri­ents. Paired with seafood and veg­eta­bles, you have your­self one ideal fam­ily lunch.


• 3 medium Ir­ish pota­toes • 1 ripe or over­ripe plan­tain • Chunks of prawn or shrimp, crab and flaked fish • 2 medium car­rots • 1 cup of peas • ¼ red bell pep­per • 2 ta­ble­spoons of ground cray­fish • 1 ta­ble­spoons of curry pow­der • ¼ thumb of dawadawa (lo­cust beans) • 1 cook­ing spoon of veg­etable oil • Pep­per (op­tional) • Water


• 2 medium sizes each of gin­ger, gar­lic, white pep­per and red pep­per • 1 medium onion, minced • Sticks of green beans • 2 cups of mush­room (op­tional) • 8 to 10 bone­less/skin­less chicken thighs • 5 ta­ble­spoons of corn­starch (or six ta­ble­spoons of white flour) • 4 ta­ble­spoons of olive oil • Salt to taste • 2 sea­son­ing cubes (op­tional)


• Wash, peel and cut the pota­toes, plan­tain, car­rots, bell pep­per and onions.

• Place a dry pot on the cooker and pour oil. Add the onions and pep­per to fry.

• Stir in the curry pow­der and grated dawadawa and fry for a minute. Add the cray­fish, seafood and the car­rots.

• Pour in two cups of water, stir and al­low it boil; then add the pota­toes and plan­tain.

• Cook for about 15 to 20 min­utes or till pota­toes are soft. You can add some water to cook if needed.

• Once pota­toes are soft, use spoon to mash some of them lightly to thicken the stock.

• Add pep­per if need be and fi­nally add the peas. Stir and bring down im­me­di­ately as the heat will cook the peas with­out get­ting them over­cooked.


• Com­bine gin­ger, gar­lic, white pep­per and red pep­per in a pot.

• Dis­solve five ta­ble­spoons of corn­starch in four cups of water then set aside.

• Season chicken with salt and spices then set aside.

• Place a large pan on high heat. Heat up oil. Add in sea­soned chicken, sear on all sides un­til golden (five to 10 min­utes)

• Add in chopped onions and stir.

• Add in veg­eta­bles, pep­per, gar­lic and gin­ger mix­ture. Season with salt and sea­son­ing. Stir to com­bine.

• Stir in corn­starch mix­ture. Cover and leave to sim­mer for five min­utes.

• Sauce is ready. Serve with por­ridge.

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