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Boils are prob­a­bly one of the most un­com­fort­able skin con­di­tions imag­in­able. These painful lumps on the skin can pop up any­where, but are mostly found in places where there’s hair, sweat and fric­tion. Such places in­clude in­ner thighs, armpits and other such places.

Ac­cord­ing to Dr. Richard Agaba of Umaru Musa Yaradua Hos­pi­tal, Sabon Wuse, Niger State; he says the boil de­vel­ops, a mix of dead bac­te­ria, dead white blood cells and dead skin cells ac­cu­mu­late to form pus. Al­though they may vary in size, the ef­fect and pain is the same.

There are sim­ple ways to pre­vent boils which in­clude wash­ing and bathing fre­quently with mild an­tibac­te­rial soap, clean­ing small cuts and wounds with ap­pro­pri­ate oint­ments such as io­dine and dis­in­fec­tants, cov­er­ing wounds prop­erly un­til well healed and also, eat­ing well and ex­er­cis­ing to boost the func­tion of your im­mune sys­tem.

How­ever, if you hap­pen to fall on the un­for­tu­nate side and de­velop a boil, it can also be treated at home or with med­i­ca­tion. Ei­ther way, it should fully heal and dis­ap­pear within a time span of one to three weeks.

Ways to treat boils at home in­clude:

Ap­ply­ing a warm and moist com­press for in­ter­vals of 10 min­utes three times a day to in­crease blood cir­cu­la­tion around the boil and in turn, at­tract more white blood cells to fight the in­fec­tion within the boil.

Once the boil bursts, cover it with a ster­ile dress­ing to pre­vent fur­ther spread of in­fec­tion and wash your hands with hot wa­ter and an­tibac­te­rial hand wash.

But if the boil is painful, over the counter pain killers can be taken to curb it.

If this doesn’t work for you and the boil doesn’t burst (never burst it your­self for it will only fur­ther com­pli­cate mat­ters), tak­ing an­tibi­otics to fight the bac­te­ria and aid the heal­ing process is also an­other op­tion. Also, go­ing to a see a doc­tor is also a good idea so that a pro­fes­sional can take the nec­es­sary mea­sures of drain­ing and treat­ing the boil.

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