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Dark un­der­eye cir­cles can trans­form a per­fectly youth­ful face into an aged one. Although the fac­tors sur­round­ing the ap­pear­ance of dark eye cir­cles may vary with rea­sons such as hered­ity, it is more com­monly caused by fa­tigue, stress and other re­lated fac­tors. But thank­fully, there are ways to com­bat and hide them.

Drink more wa­ter: This pretty much ap­plies for ev­ery other beauty re­lated prob­lem. Wa­ter is key to al­most every­thing. The more wa­ter you drink, the bet­ter you’ll look.

Get more sleep: Lack of sleep is the main fac­tor that leads to fa­tigue and wors­ens symp­toms of stress. It greatly af­fects the ap­pear­ance of dark cir­cles un­der­neath your eyes. If you have trou­ble sleep­ing, a visit to the doc­tor can solve it.

Wear masks to bed: A sooth­ing sleep mask will help with puffi­ness. You can pur­chase one in or make one and store in the fridge un­til you’re ready to use it.

Sun­screen: There are sun­screens with for­mu­las tar­geted for the eyes. Sim­ply smother on in the morn­ing to pro­tect your­self from ul­tra vi­o­let (UV) rays that may worsen the ef­fect of dark eye cir­cles.

Frozen tea bag: It may sound bizarre, but it ac­tu­ally does the work. It min­imises the ap­pear­ance of dark cir­cles by in­duc­ing con­stric­tion, mak­ing the ves­sels un­der­neath the eyes smaller.

Con­ceal: Us­ing makeup will also hide any dark cir­cles you may have. Choose one with an or­ange un­der­tone to con­trast the blue ones un­der your eyes and also prefer­ably the clos­est shade to your skin; then go about your makeup rou­tine as usual.

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