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Nowa­days, the ap­pear­ance of your face and how well groomed you are all rest on the ap­pear­ance of your fa­cial hair and hair­cut. Hav­ing an un­kempt hair gives the im­pres­sion that you care lit­tle about your ap­pear­ance. Your face is the fo­cal point that draws at­ten­tion to any­one you meet. There­fore, tak­ing steps to en­sure you keep your hair, both on your head and face, in tip­top shape, is es­sen­tial. Here are few tips to keep­ing up your sleeve so that you con­stantly look your best.

First, be­gin by lath­er­ing the hair and wash­ing it with ei­ther a mild soap or sham­poo; and wash it thor­oughly. If you have a con­di­tioner at hand, use it too so as to soften the hair and make the trim­ming eas­ier.

Now brush the hair out­wards so that you can see those that are the long­est and those that are short­est.

Us­ing a clip­per or a pair of scis­sors, depend­ing on which one you are more com­fort­able with, be­gin trim­ming the hair to the length you want. Start by trim­ming the longer ones and con­tinue from there. This will help you achieve uni­form length.

If you find this dif­fi­cult, then us­ing a comb can help so that you just trim off the hairs that are at the tip of the teeth.

If you want to go all out and stylish, then a fade will do the trick, but only if it is done well. Care­fully use your clip­per to re­duce the hair where the fade will be un­til you al­most reach the skin. This re­quires ut­most fo­cus and pre­ci­sion to get it right. If you feel you might not be able to ex­e­cute it prop­erly, it is best you make your way to a bar­ber­shop so that you can get it done by a pro­fes­sional.

Fin­ish ev­ery­thing up with a light oil or crème for a lus­trous sheen and soft­ness. Voila! You can now step out in con­fi­dence.

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