It is time for your story to change

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Scrip­ture read­ing: 1Sa­muel 30:1-8 3 Ma­jor Bat­tles are close to your throne.

Ev­ery bat­tle sig­nals the be­gin­ning of a new sea­son in your life. The burn­ing of Zik­lag and the tak­ing away of David’s fam­ily and things marked the end of an era and sig­naled the be­gin­ning of a brand new sea­son. Fi­nal Bat­tle Be­fore His Throne This at­tack on David was very se­ri­ous. The en­emy attacked his town and took away his fam­ily and stuff. He threw ev­ery­thing he had at David. Do you know why? Be­cause David was a few hours away from claim­ing the throne for which he was anointed thir­teen years be­fore. The bat­tle in­ten­si­fies when you are close to your promised land.

The Amalekites did not kill any­one. God did not al­low them to. But the ques­tion is why did God al­low them to burn down Zik­lag? Be­cause they were not go­ing to need it any­more!

Just three days later, news came that King Saul was dead. It was time for David to re­lo­cate back to Is­rael. This time, he re­turned not as a fugi­tive, but as the King of Ju­dah.

You are emerg­ing from that at­tack on your life as a king! Your time to reign has come. Your time to marry has come! Your time to have chil­dren has come. Your time to take charge has come! Your time to be healed has come! You must win this bat­tle. You are com­ing out of poverty fi­nally! Those Who Never Had It David had it, lost it and re­cov­ered it. Some have never had what God has promised them. Let me talk about peo­ple who’ve never had it. Cursed Be­cause Of Fore­fa­thers place for his sons be­cause of the guilt and in­iq­uity of their fa­thers, so that they may not rise, pos­sess the earth, and fill the face of the world with cities.” (AMP)

5 Things De­scen­dants Suf­fer Be­cause Of The Sins Of Their Fore­fa­thers:

1. Lack Of Promi­nence Or Great­ness (they will never be men­tioned again). They will not be­come prom­i­nent, fa­mous, note­wor­thy or re­mem­bered. There are fam­i­lies in which there is not a sin­gle sig­nif­i­cant per­son. If there has been no sig­nif­i­cant per­son in your fam­ily, you will be the first. You will achieve what no one has ever achieved in your fam­ily in the name of Je­sus. One of the prom­ises God gave to Abra­ham was to give him a great name (Gen­e­sis 12:2 “2And I will make of thee a great na­tion, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great;”. You will be­come a voice in this land. You will not be an echo but a voice. God will not stop bless­ing you un­til you com­mand re­spect. He will lift you to the point where you can­not be ig­nored.

2. Pre­ma­ture Death. Pre­pare a place to slaugh­ter his sons. Here you see the curse of pre­ma­ture death. Sons are not sup­posed to die be­fore their par­ents. This death af­fects ev­ery­thing around them. Death of busi­ness, mar­riage, etc.

3. They Are Not To Rise-stag­nancy-be­ing stuck to the same level. De­nied pro­mo­tion. This is a curse that keeps peo­ple lim­ited in growth and progress. I com­mand ev­ery em­bargo on your progress to be lifted now in the mighty name of Je­sus.

4. They Will Not In­herit Or Pos­sess The Land. In­abil­ity to ac­quire prop­erty. They don’t be­come own­ers of land, or things de­rived from it. That is why peo­ple find it dif­fi­cult to be own­ers of houses, cars, busi­nesses, etc. They can­not be­come mas­ters but ser­vants.

5. Lim­i­ta­tion Of Growth And Ex­pan­sion. They are not to cover the land-they are not to in­crease. This is the curse of bar­ren­ness-in­abil­ity to in­crease, mul­ti­ply or be fruit­ful. They can­not en­large. Do you won­der why peo­ple work so hard and receive so lit­tle? Why? (a) Be­cause of the guilt and in­iq­uity of their fore­fa­thers.

(b) To pre­vent the spread of wicked­ness. This is the main rea­son God does not al­low the wicked to pros­per. Money makes you more of what­ever you are. Money makes a wicked man more wicked. Money in the hands of a sex­u­ally per­verse per­son will make him more per­verse.

But when a per­son turns away from his wicked ways, the curse is bro­ken.

2Corinthi­ans 5:17 “17There­fore if any man be in Christ, he is a new crea­ture: old things are passed away; be­hold, all things are be­come new.”

Gala­tians 3:13-14 “13Christ hath re­deemed us from the curse of the law, be­ing made a curse for us: for it is writ­ten, Cursed is ev­ery one that hangeth on a tree: 14That the bless­ing of Abra­ham might come on the Gen­tiles through Je­sus Christ; that we might receive the prom­ise of the Spirit through faith.”

Jeremiah 3: 12b“for I am mer­ci­ful, saith the LORD, and I will not keep anger for ever.”

The Lord sent me with an anoint­ing to set the cap­tives free and de­liver the op­pressed. Your story will change!

God is about to over­throw your en­e­mies. God will crip­ple your en­e­mies so you can over­take them. You are about to re­cover ev­ery­thing you have lost. The God of David will step into your sit­u­a­tion this minute. You are just a few days away from as­cend­ing your throne. Your en­e­mies are gone and gone for­ever!

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