At the mo­ment, a greater num­ber of the round­abouts had been com­pleted while work is on­go­ing on oth­ers.

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Round­about, the Zone 8 Round­about, the Ganaja Vil­lage Round­about and the Kogi Cir­cle Round­about.

Mean­while, work is cur­rently on­go­ing at the Pa­paranda Square Round­about.

The Lu­gard House Round­about di­rectly op­po­site the Govern­ment House’s main gate was not re­built but rather made a thor­ough­fare to the seat of power.

In sim­i­lar vein, the ear­lier de­mol­ished “Wel­come to Lokoja Round­about” is yet to be re­built.

While some res­i­dents have com­mended the govern­ment for the ef­fort in re­build­ing the de­mol­ished round­abouts, oth­ers viewed it on the con­trary.

A res­i­dent of Lokoja, Baba Yusuf said it was grat­i­fy­ing that the state cap­i­tal could once again have the de­mol­ished round­abouts back and bet­ter.

On her part, Aisha Ab­dul­lahi com­mended the gov­er­nor for giv­ing a facelift to the state cap­i­tal with the re­designed round­abouts cou­pled with the pro­vi­sion of street lights and im­proved san­i­ta­tion.

An­other re­spon­dent, Umar Mo­hammed was of the view that the qual­ity of the ma­te­ri­als used for the new round­abouts was not as “solid” as the de­mol­ished ones.

“To me, the qual­ity of struc­tures they are putting in place are a far cry from the pre­vi­ous ones. You see them us­ing six inches blocks in some of the places. The former ones were made of con­crete and that was why it took them long time and cost so much money to de­mol­ish them,” he said.

On his part, Yunusa Dan­ladi faulted the de­ci­sion to fix traf­fic lights along­side the round­abouts. “I have never seen any­where you have a round­about and traf­fic lights at the same time. The two don’t go; it doesn’t make any sense.

“If it is round­about, let it be round­about; if it is traf­fic lights, let it be traf­fic lights. You don’t find any­where th­ese two go to­gether. And that is why you of­ten find com­mo­tion at some of th­ese round­abouts.

On why it took the govern­ment long to com­mence re­build­ing the round­abouts, Fanwo said, “We had to wait for the de­signs as well as mo­bi­lize funds for the con­tract as well as en­sure the con­tracts go through due process in line with our fi­nan­cial dis­ci­pline as a Govern­ment. That caused what you peo­ple are now re­fer­ring to as lit­tle de­lay.

“What we are build­ing now is far bet­ter than the eye­sore we re­moved a few months ago. Only crit­ics who don’t un­der­stand the ar­chi­tec­tural dif­fer­ence will be mak­ing an is­sue out of it. As I said, it is work in progress. Kog­ites will be proud of what we will put down for pos­ter­ity.

Fanwo main­tained that the round­abouts were not de­mol­ished in search of “charms” as al­leged in some quar­ters say­ing, “We are run­ning a dig­i­tal govern­ment that is also reengi­neer­ing the psy­chol­ogy of the Kogi peo­ple. We don’t be­lieve in charms. Our rea­son for re­mov­ing them was to keep touch with our ur­ban re­newal pol­icy of mak­ing Lokoja a beau­ti­ful cap­i­tal city. The de­mo­li­tion was nec­es­sary in or­der to re­place the old ones with bet­ter ones.”

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