How to be free from de­monic con­trol

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Asis­ter tes­ti­fied of how the Lord helped her in one of our meet­ings. She got mar­ried in 1999, and for four years fran­ti­cally sought both med­i­cal and spir­i­tual help to con­ceive, but she could not.

Some­one in­vited her to church and the Lord smiled on through the mes­sage. She heard my tes­ti­mony of an­other woman, whose case had been writ­ten off med­i­cally con­cern­ing the fruit of the womb, but God in­ter­vened in her sit­u­a­tion and she be­came a joy­ful mother of chil­dren.

Im­me­di­ately af­ter this tes­ti­mony, her bro­ken spirit was elated and she de­cided to dis­cuss her is­sue with me at the close of the ser­vice but she could not be­cause too many peo­ple were wait­ing to see me.

Rather, she wrote her plight on a pa­per and re­quested for my prayer. She did not make any di­rect con­tact with me, but the Lord an­swered our prayer. Not long af­ter, she dis­cov­ered she was preg­nant and to God be the glory, she de­liv­ered safely.

The Lord wiped away her tears with a mir­a­cle.

To­day, God will wipe away some­one’s tears with a mir­a­cle, with a break­through, in Je­sus name!

Bondage CON­TROL!

Peo­ple are in bondage to so many things. Many peo­ple are in fi­nan­cial bondage; al­ways ow­ing and in lack. Some peo­ple are in bondage to the spirit of ha­tred and jeal­ousy man­i­fest­ing in un­for­give­ness. The pride of life, the lust of the Eyes… flesh, Bondage through our big­gest ap­petites. Self-will and stub­born­ness are other man­i­fes­ta­tions of de­monic con­trol.

Ex­am­ples of peo­ple recorded to be in is sim­ply DE­MONIC bondage in the Bible:

• A woman was bound by Satan for 18 years though she was a daugh­ter of Abra­ham (Luke 13:10-18). She was in bondage to dis­ease.

• A man in the Corinthian church was hav­ing an af­fair with his fa­ther’s wife (Sex­ual bondage, Im­moral­ity) 1Cor. 5:1-13. Many are ad­dicted to sex.

• Satan en­tered into the heart of Ju­das to be­tray Je­sus (Luke 22:3).

• Ana­nias and Sap­phira were filled by Satan and con­trolled to lie (Ly­ing spirit, Stingi­ness and Selfish­ness). They pre­tended to give more than they ac­tu­ally did. They were tak­ing false glory. Many are ad­dicted to lies. Peo­ple are in bondage to so many things. Some peo­ple are in bondage to the spirit of ha­tred and jeal­ousy man­i­fest­ing in un­for­give­ness.

Pride could be an ad­dic­tion. The pride of life, the lust of the Eyes… flesh, bondage comes through our big­gest ap­petites, self-will and stub­born­ness. Other forms of bondage in­clude: Ad­dic­tions and sub­stance abuse: al­co­hol con­sump­tion, smok­ing or to­bacco chew­ing, use of hard drugs like mar­i­juana, co­caine etc. Pornog­ra­phy, su­pe­ri­or­ity/in­fe­ri­or­ity com­plex, Tribal big­otry and racism, Anger, wrath and rage, steal­ing (you’ve heard of klep­to­ma­nia), Perver­sions like in­cest, les­bian­ism, bes­tial­ity (sex with an­i­mals), ho­mo­sex­u­al­ity and any form of sex­ual im­pu­rity or lust.

Sloth­ful­ness, lack of zeal, over­sleep­ing and glut­tony, Vi­o­lent tem­per and im­pa­tience; talkative­ness, Gos­sip and slan­der, Mal­ice, bit­ter­ness, un­for­giv­ing spirit and ha­tred.

10 Keys to free­dom

1. Seek for help. Go for coun­selling and de­liv­er­ance. There is noth­ing to be ashamed of.

2. Con­fess ev­ery area of bondage and ask for for­give­ness from the Lord.

3. Have your mind re­newed. Be filled with the Word of God. You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free-John 8:32. You can­not be free un­til your think­ing is right and in line with the Word of God. RIGHT LIV­ING comes from RIGHT BE­LIEV­ING!

4. Ap­pre­hend or ar­rest ev­ery thought as soon as it steps through the door­way of your heart. 2Corinthi­ans 10:4-5 says “For the weapons of our war­fare are not car­nal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds; cast­ing down imag­i­na­tions, and ev­ery high thing that ex­al­teth it­self against the knowl­edge of God, and bring­ing into cap­tiv­ity ev­ery thought to the obe­di­ence of Christ.” Fil­ter your thoughts through Philip­pi­ans 4:8

5. Bind the spirit be­hind the thought in the name of Je­sus. Re­sist the devil and he will flee from you-(James 4:7).

6. Avoid cor­rupt­ing in­flu­ences. Don’t feed your mind with filthy lit­er­a­ture, video or movies. Care­fully se­lect what goes into you. Guard your heart with all dili­gence for out of it are the is­sues of life-(Proverbs 4:23).

7. Avoid re­la­tion­ships and places that pre­dis­pose you to lust and sin. 1Corinthi­ans 5:11 warns us not to keep com­pany with for­ni­ca­tors. Evil com­pany cor­rupts good morals.

8. Be prayer­ful. “Watch and pray that you en­ter not into temp­ta­tion-(Matthew 26:41(a).)” Prayer pro­tects you against Satan’s at­tempt to come back into your life.

9. Con­stantly re­mem­ber the re­ward of not al­low­ing sin to tri­umph over you. Lib­erty is sweet. You can rise as high as you want.

10. Turn to Je­sus for de­liv­er­ance. If the Son there­fore shall make you free, you shall be free in­deed-(John 8:36).

A young man who joined the cam­pus cult was set free in one of our meet­ings. He vom­ited a lizard when I min­is­tered to him. He told us that he was given a black con­coc­tion to drink dur­ing ini­ti­a­tion but it was in­deed a lizard the devil put in­side of him to con­trol his life!

Ev­ery evil spirit that has been sent into your life to con­trol and ma­nip­u­late you leaves you now, in Je­sus name!

In one of our meet­ings the Lord touched a sis­ter in a very in­ter­est­ing way.

Early in that year she went for med­i­cal checkup and they dis­cov­ered she had an ovar­ian cyst. The thought was so dis­turb­ing that she went back again. The re­port fur­ther said that it had in­creased and that she needed to do some­thing about it im­me­di­ately.

As I was min­is­ter­ing the Lord asked me to call peo­ple that had in­fir­mi­ties and she came out amongst oth­ers. Un­known to me what her prob­lem was, I tapped her stom­ach while I laid hands on other peo­ple’s heads. A cou­ple of days later, she went to see a spe­cial­ist for an­other checkup. To God be the glory, the OVAR­IAN CYST had dis­ap­peared!

The same Je­sus is right where you are to make your prob­lems go away if you be­lieve!

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