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My breast aches, as if it has has some pus in it. I don’t know what to do again, I have been on amox­i­cillin but I still have se­ri­ous pains.


Have you just de­liv­ered a baby? Are you breast feed­ing? Does it feel like fluid? If it is ac­tu­ally pus then it is an in­fec­tion most likely bac­te­ria in­fec­tion. . Also you will need in­ci­sion and drainage with daily or al­ter­nate day dress­ing as ap­pro­pri­ate.

You must also take note that de­gen­er­ated lump can feel like liq­uid or thick pus. In this cir­cum­stances it is not usu­ally painful. In this case an­tibi­otics will not solve the prob­lem but to do ex­ci­sional biopsy.

You need to see a doc­tor for proper as­sess­ment

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