The Law Of Cause And Ef­fect

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THelaw of cause and ef­fect is also known as the Law of Karma. Ev­ery ac­tion gen­er­ates a force of en­ergy that re­turns to us in like man­ner. This means that what­ever we sow, is what we reap. And when we choose ac­tions that bring hap­pi­ness and suc­cess to oth­ers, the fruit of our karma is hap­pi­ness and suc­cess. As a spir­i­tual law, karma is the eter­nal as­ser­tion of hu­man free­dom. Our thoughts, our words and deeds are the threads of the net, which we throw around our­selves. Ac­cord­ing to Deepak Cho­pra, in his book: The

Seven­spir­i­tu­allaw­sof­suc­cess, karma is both ac­tion and the con­se­quence of that ac­tion; it is cause and ef­fect si­mul­ta­ne­ously, be­cause ev­ery ac­tion gen­er­ates a force that re­turns to us in like kind.

Thus, if you want to cre­ate hap­pi­ness in your life, you must learn to sow the seeds of hap­pi­ness. There­fore, karma im­plies the ac­tion of con­scious choice-mak­ing. You and I are es­sen­tially in­fi­nite choice mak­ers. In ev­ery mo­ment of our lives, we are in that field of pos­si­bil­i­ties where we have ac­cess to an in­fin­ity of choices. Some of these choices are made con­sciously, while the oth­ers are made un­con­sciously. How­ever, the best way to un­der­stand and max­i­mize the use of karmic law is to be­come con­sciously aware of the choices we make in ev­ery mo­ment.

Whether you like it or not, ev­ery­thing hap­pen­ing to you at this mo­ment, is a re­sult of the choices you have made in the past. Un­for­tu­nately, a lot of us make choices un­con­sciously and there­fore we don’t think they are choices- but yet, they are. If I were to in­sult you, you would make the choice of be­ing of­fended. If I were to pay you a com­pli­ment, you would most likely choose to be pleased or flat­tered. Cer­tainly these are choices. There­fore, most of us have be­come bun­dles of con­di­tioned re­flexes that are con­stantly be­ing trig­gered by cir­cum­stances into pre­dictable be­hav­iour.

There is only one choice out of the in­fin­ity of choices avail­able to you in ev­ery sec­ond that will cre­ate hap­pi­ness for you and those around you. When you make that one choice, it will re­sult in a be­hav­iour called spon­ta­neous right ac­tion. Spon­ta­neous right ac­tion is the right ac­tion at the right mo­ment. It is the cor­rect re­sponse to the sit­u­a­tion as it hap­pens. It is the ac­tion that nour­ishes you and ev­ery­one in­flu­enced by that ac­tion.

This is a mech­a­nism that the uni­verse has to help you make spon­ta­neously for cor­rect choices. Your body ex­pe­ri­ences two types of sen­sa­tions: the sen­sa­tion of com­fort and the sen­sa­tion of dis­com­fort. At the mo­ment of your choice-mak­ing, pay at­ten­tion to your body. If your body sends a mes­sage of com­fort dur­ing choice mak­ing, that is the right choice for hap­pi­ness. For some, these mes­sages come in the so­lar plexus, but for most peo­ple it is in the area of the heart.

Cer­tainly, the heart knows the cor­rect an­swer. You can use the Law of Karma to cre­ate money and af­flu­ence. But you must be con­sciously aware that your fu­ture is de­ter­mined by the choices you are mak­ing in ev­ery mo­ment of your life. Al­ways be con­scious of the choices you are mak­ing so that you can make spon­ta­neously right choices.

For your past karma in­flu­enc­ing you now, there are things you can do about them. One is to pay your karmic debts. The Law of Karma says no debt in the uni­verse ever goes un­paid. There is a per­fect ac­count­ing sys­tem in this uni­verse. Se­condly, you can trans­form your karma to a more de­sir­able ex­pe­ri­ence by mak­ing your ex­pe­ri­ence use­ful to your fel­low men. By do­ing this you look for the seed of op­por­tu­nity and then tie that seed with your pur­pose in life.

This is achieved by al­ways trans­mut­ing your ad­ver­sity to a ben­e­fit. Thirdly, to deal with karma is to tran­scend it. This can be done by pay­ing off your karma con­sciously through right ac­tion. Ev­ery ac­tion you make is a karmic episode. You put the law of karma into ef­fect by mak­ing com­mit­ments of mak­ing con­scious choices of right ac­tions. What­ever ac­tion you make gen­er­ates good or bad con­se­quences. As long as karma is evo­lu­tion­ary, for both your­self and any­one af­fected by you; then the fruit of karma will be hap­pi­ness and suc­cess. Re­mem­ber, karma is in­ex­orable; it is as cer­tain as grav­ity. It is a spir­i­tual law, noth­ing can save you from its op­er­a­tions. As you sow, you reap.

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