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Em­u­late is de­fined as to copy or im­i­tate.

An ex­am­ple of em­u­late is a lit­tle boy try­ing to be like his fa­ther.


The word, em­u­late, is pro­nounced in three syl­la­bles as in: emu-late

Use of em­u­late in a sen­tence:

.We tried to em­u­late what we heard the head­mas­ter say in the morn­ing.

.Chil­dren are tra­di­tion­ally ex­pected to em­u­late their par­ents. .She hopes to em­u­late her sis­ter’s sport­ing achieve­ments.

.Dupe is go­ing to em­u­late her brother’s strong work ethic in or­der to be suc­cess­ful.

Syn­onyms of em­u­late in­clude: im­i­tate, copy, re­pro­duce, mimic, mir­ror, fol­low.

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