Her call came in the heat of the day, at a time when work would usu­ally have me tied down and un­able to an­swer. For some rea­son the win­dow was open and an­swer I did, ready to ban­ter as we usu­ally did. When she spoke, it was solemn and grey, filled with the sor­row of one who had more ques­tions than an­swers of life’s un­fair bal­ance. As her voice broke, fight­ing hard to hold back her tears, she told of the pass­ing of her son-in-law, barely 3 years af­ter the loss of her own hus­band. Her young daugh­ter, con­fused, shat­tered and bruised had moved back with her seek­ing to un­der­stand why, and need­ing a mothers com­fort from one in need of an­swers and com­fort her­self.

When the ques­tion of how to cel­e­brate my sweet­hearts birth­day arose, we de­sired to do some­thing quiet and dif­fer­ent but try as I wished, the need to reach out to the widows we knew was strong and ur­gent. Fail­ing to shake off the idea, I suc­cumbed and set out to com­ply with my spirit’s de­sire. The ham­pers pack­aged and ready, a short note in­cluded, went out to the var­i­ous re­cip­i­ents. My sweet­hearts birth­day came and went, the ges­ture all but for­got­ten ex­cept for those who sud­denly found they had not been aban­doned at a time when a good deed was in short sup­ply.

The Almighty God is full of mys­ter­ies and the world we in­habit is crowded with unan­swered queries. All around us evil pre­vails and many times we are over­whelmed with chal­lenges be­yond our abil­ity to com­pre­hend. The call left me speech­less, un­able to find the right words to com­fort a griev­ing wi­dow whose pe­riod of mourn­ing seemed un­end­ing. Re­mem­ber us in your prayers was all she asked and as I put down the phone, it struck me that maybe, just maybe, as a light­house’s beam is to sailors lost at sea or the sight of an oa­sis to the weary pil­grim travers­ing the desert would be, God’s in­struc­tion to send a to­ken to her was His way of let­ting her know that even in the midst of her grief and de­spair, He was right there and His thoughts were ever with her. To whom are you sent? God bless ev­ery one who has lost a dear soul to­day.

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