WHere DOeS peACe re­SIDe?


The morn­ing started much like any other, wak­ing up to the light snores and deep em­brace of my love ly­ing be­side me. The dream how­ever was not, vivid in its im­agery, the blaz­ing fire so real, the heat was felt on my sleep­ing frame. The silhouette of build­ings and struc­tures danc­ing in the fire told me it was a pe­tro­leum de­pot ablaze, look­ing very muck like one of ours. I saw no one at­tempt­ing to fight the fire, nor did any around seem per­turbed by it. Look­ing closer into the flames, it seemed the struc­tures where not burn­ing and peo­ple went about do­ing their busi­ness un­harmed. Strangely though, when­ever any­one came out of the blaze, they were en­veloped in fire but con­tin­ued what­ever they were do­ing un­hin­dered.

I sat up and went into my closet to be­gin the day as I al­ways do, in com­mu­nion, one on one with the One I owe my ev­ery­thing to. As I lay prose in prayer, my thoughts strayed to the dream and what life out­side of these walls meant. I pon­dered on how peace is so eas­ily for­feited by the ig­no­rance of our cove and stand­ing in the hi­er­ar­chy of power. All around us, en­gulfed in an eter­nal bat­tle of supremacy are forces far beyond our con­trol and each days jour­ney through life some­times feels like a walk in the val­ley of the shadow of death. Yet un­known to us are the many bat­tles won on our be­half that gives much rea­son to our be­ing.

The Almighty is also known as the Con­sum­ing Fire and as I rem­i­nisced on the dream, un­sure if it was a warn­ing of danger ahead or some­thing else, I couldn’t help but re­call the story of the three He­brew boys and their en­counter with a fiery fur­nace. The fire in­deed is the tra­vails of life, rag­ing un­con­trol­lably to con­sume the ig­no­rant and un­pre­pared. A mis­step here, a slum­ber there and the re­grets we carry last for a life­time or more. Why then were those caught in the flames not de­stroyed by it? I won­dered, de­duc­ing then that a greater fire than that on ram­page was shield­ing them in a bub­ble of peace. Such is the peace I felt that morn­ing, know­ing fully well that though the world and its trou­bles await, as long as I had the Con­sum­ing fire round about me, I would ever be vic­to­ri­ous, never to be con­sumed by the bat­tles I face.

Does God’s wall of fire sur­round you? May you find peace in Him to­day.

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