In a world where one can hardly hear the voices for the clam­our, Sefi Atta man­ages to make her sin­gu­lar and quiet voice clearly heard, ap­par­ently float­ing above the din. She is a writer, and as such a per­son that shines light on things. Her brand of light


The wed­ding day of a woman is sup­posed to be one of the hap­pi­est days of her life and re­gard­less of all the pre-wed­ding stress that come with prepa­ra­tions, the ar­gu­ments that ensue from dis­agree­ments, the calm­ing of nerves with rel­a­tives and friends, the walk­ing on egg shells with dis­grun­tled mums, the throw­ing of fits by brides­maids, the ex­cite­ment of choos­ing fab­rics with loved ones, the thrill of shop­ping with mum, the man­ag­ing of bud­gets by dad, the seek­ing of Panadol or Aspirin to cure headaches, the prayer and fast­ing of par­ents, the bride’s tar­get­ing of goals with diet fads, the groom’s sleep­less nights, the ap­pre­hen­sion and worry of the par­ents, re­gard­less, of all these fac­tors...ev­ery­thing van­ishes and is re­placed by the ul­ti­mate ex­hil­a­rat­ing, feel­ing of eu­pho­ria when the bride is walked up the aisle to meet her man! But all eyes are on not just her, they are on her wed­ding dress! She is the cyno­sure of all eyes. This fa­mous walk erases ev­ery sin­gle drama that took place be­fore this day. Both camps and their fam­i­lies are fi­nally at peace. Both moth­ers are grin­ning like Cheshire cats even though they must have fought like one just a few short months, days, or even hours be­fore! To­day is a spe­cial day and it’s all about the bride! And to the bride, it’s all about her dress! This is one of the most im­por­tant items of the day for her...aside from the ring of course! So it comes as no sur­prise that some peo­ple are ready to pay the most out­ra­geous prices for their spe­cial at­tire. Check out The World’s Most Ex­pen­sive Wed­ding Dresses and see just how far some brides went!

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