No Mas­cara Look


At home: Skip mas­cara, but to make you ap­pear more awake, do curl your lashes. How to make the look last? Run your curler un­der hot water to heat it up, which helps the shape hold longer. (Wait a few sec­onds for the curler to cool slightly.) Or for­get the curler and go for length with mas­cara only, or even just a lash primer. For­mu­las like Ben­e­fit They're Real! Tinted Primer, come in brown shades and Milk Makeup Week­end Lash Stain.

At the salon: I love tint­ing, it gets inky black and frames your eye. What­ever colour your lashes are, go for jet-black. Once you tint, skip the curler, curled and tinted can look too mega.

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