a Spe­cial oc­cas­sion Look


at Home: When it comes to full-im­pact lashes, falsies will al­ways be your best op­tion. Start with short strip of lashes and cut them into sev­eral pieces, or use in­di­vid­ual lashes. Put a lit­tle bit of glue on your hand, use tweez­ers to dip the lashes in it, and place them on the bot­tom and the top lash line. Try my Ex­ten­sionz false lash at the Salon: Skip tra­di­tional makeup places, and go to a pro­fes­sional cos­metic counter. The artists there get it, and they love do­ing wilder stuff. As with any con­cept, if you havea pic­ture on your phone, you can re­ally di­rect.

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