Fol­low­ing our cover fea­ture last week on top nige­rian fash­ion blog­gers, we got a lot of en­quiries from fash­ion lovers who in­tend to go fash­ion blog­ging and so this se­quel pretty much an­swers all your ques­tions as re­gards get­ting started, which ac­tu­ally is the eas­i­est part. now, fig­ur­ing out how to ac­tu­ally grow your blog and build up a loyal fol­low­ing that will ul­ti­mately sep­a­rate the wannabes from the suc­cess sto­ries is where the hard work is. But don’t worry we w ith a mar­ket that’s as over­crowded and crazy com­pet­i­tive as the fash­ion in­dus­try, sim­ply hav­ing a pas­sion for fash­ion won’t cut it. You have to be will­ing to put in the time and re­ally work for it. To see what it takes, we turned to some of our top fash­ion blog­gers for their pro­fes­sional ad­vice, and this is what they had to say.

In­veST In YoUr­Self

You have to spend money to make money and fash­ion blog­ging is no dif­fer­ent. For­tu­nately, get­ting started doesn’t re­quire you to empty out your sav­ings ac­count. You’ll want to in­vest in good lenses and cam­era equip­ment, though. If your pic­tures are not at­trac­tive, peo­ple aren’t go­ing to take you se­ri­ously, much less take the time to read what you have to say. While pay­ing for a cus­tom-de­signed web­site up­front isn’t a must, you should pur­chase your own do­main name (a min­i­mal ex­pense) and pick a clean lay­out that won’t con­fuse read­ers and is easy on the eyes.

STep Up YoUr So­cIAl Me­DIA GAMe

You can’t have a fash­ion blog­ger with­out an ac­tive so­cial me­dia pres­ence. In­sta­gram is all the rave at the mo­ment and you should have an ac­tive with con­stant posts. A good ma­jor­ity of your fol­low­ers will prob­a­bly ini­ti­ate from so­cial me­dia any­way. Even if you don’t have any sched­uled blog posts, keep your fol­low­ers in­ter­ested by post­ing throw­back style pic­tures or pic­tures of fash­ion re­lated items.

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