The gar­den was a lush green, the flow­ers in full bloom, trees lit with a bril­liant dis­play of sparkling lights as the cou­ple looked re­laxed and ev­ery bit in love, al­ter­nat­ing from danc­ing to the easy mu­sic in the cool night breeze to mov­ing from ta­ble to ta­ble, hav­ing small talk with the close knit friends and fam­ily that had come to cel­e­brate the two decades they had been to­gether as hus­band and wife. This was to be a Valen­tine’s day they had de­ter­mined would usher in a dif­fer­ent mem­ory from the rest, for hav­ing tied the knot on this day many years back, they needed some­thing new to rekin­dle the spe­cial mean­ing the day and their mar­riage would have for the years un­fold­ing ahead of them.

The mo­ment came when the love cake was to be cut, the hubby, mis­chievous as he of­ten was, de­cided to stall the flow of the evening to spring a sur­prise on his much be­mused bet­ter half. He pro­ceeded to tell a tale span­ning three whole decades, where an act many have taken for granted on the road to mar­riage was to be fi­nally re­deemed. Wip­ing out a di­a­mond ring of ex­quis­ite beauty, he did what he’d failed to do so many years ago and pro­posed to the one to whom he had al­ready given his heart and life to. One would have thought this would not mean much to this much adored spouse af­ter all they’d shared to­gether but one look at her ra­di­ant de­meanor told the story of how lit­tle things can mean so much. Our God Almighty knew from the mo­ment He cre­ated man to walk the earth that he needed a com­pan­ion to love dearly, carry bur­dens and share life with. As mankind evolved and sin rav­aged the earth, the di­vine covenant unit of hus­band and wife faced the great­est on­slaught de­signed to desta­bi­lize all of hu­man­ity, of­ten times the cause of dishar­mony be­ing the small­est of in­frac­tions that ought to have been over­looked for love’s sake. Com­mon place there­fore were failed mar­riages, bro­ken hearts, dys­func­tional homes and di­vorces in vir­tu­ally ev­ery so­ci­ety on earth. It was thus with au­di­ble gasps, teary eyes and in­tro­spec­tive looks that the sim­ple ges­ture of a de­layed wed­ding pro­posal re­vealed just how far the lit­tle things can go to crys­tal­liz­ing the stead­fast love be­tween hus­band and wife.

Are you tak­ing the lit­tle things for granted? May the Lord help us love lov­ing to­day For your com­ments, con­tri­bu­tions, con­nect with me here: @TonyeCole1 on Twit­ter.

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