Stop most men in the street and they’ll tell you they don’t fol­low fash­ion trends but look in­side their wardrobes and hanging along­side the time­less clas­sics you’ll see ripped jeans, coloured jack­ets and even striped pants. Those are the trends he likes. In tune with last week’s edi­tion, we have de­cided to also help the guys out and share with them some of the trends they need to add to their wardrobe this sum­mer. We women are al­ways quick to give each other fash­ion and style advice, but we for­get that the men need equally as much at­ten­tion es­pe­cially if they want to look as good as their fe­male coun­ter­parts if not even bet­ter ... and ... yes ... that is a pos­si­ble feat depend­ing on how vain the man is. I con­cur that it takes a par­tic­u­lar type of man to look as good as any woman any time any day. Although, some women might see this trait as a tad ex­ces­sive, one can­not but admit that well dressed men are a de­light to see. There is noth­ing more at­trac­tive than a well groomed man whose clothes sit on him like a glove. Luck­ily a man does not have to be hand­some for the fe­male specie to find at­trac­tive. Wealth. Sta­tus. Power. Knowl­egde. Ex­po­sure. Wis­dom. Groom­ing. Th­ese traits far out­weigh Looks. In fact some of the least good­look­ing men get the most beau­ti­ful women be­cause of the afore­men­tioned traits. But I do won­der what it must be like liv­ing with well groomed men when it comes to get­ting ready to go out? I am sure some take longer than their women to get ready. There is also some­thing in­nate about well dressed men, their metic­u­lous ap­pear­ance also re­flects in most things they do in life. First and fore­most, to look trim enough for their clothes to sit per­fectly, they are quite dis­ci­pline with not just what they can or can­not eat, but also the qual­ity of food they eat, not to men­tion the rigid ex­er­cises they do to stay in shape. They also have very high stan­dards. Not a bad trait to have if you ask me. The only is­sue might be the ques­tion­ably, and most times, high de­pen­dence on vi­su­als as op­posed to depth. But like I say, to each its own. So guys, last week was for the women, this week’s Trends For Sum­mer 2018 is for you! En­joy the tips given and put them to prac­tise.

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