With elec­tion get­ting closer by the month,


need­less to say, it is the most talked about is­sue of the mo­ment. Many of us sit in our com­fort zones voic­ing one opin­ion or the other. And of course, ev­ery­one and their dog be­lieve they have a strong knowl­edge of the po­lit­i­cal in­trigues and fur­ther still, be­lieve we have the an­swer to our pre­vail­ing sit­u­a­tion. Many a time, while at­tend­ing so­cial gath­er­ings or event, some have al­most come to blows be­cause of their strong views on these is­sues. Noth­ing holds our at­ten­tion more than pol­i­tics: the de­cay in our na­tion, the abysmal fail­ure of the lead­ers who gov­ern us, the dis­grun­tled youths who have been de­prived of a bright fu­ture. The list is end­less. Ten­ure af­ter ten­ure, we re­cy­cle the same peo­ple like mu­si­cal chairs. One minute you are in, the next minute you are out. Even if there are peo­ple who can do the job, they are usu­ally side­lined by those who have the po­lit­i­cal struc­ture and pocket to get what they de­sire whether or not they are de­serv­ing of it or are the best can­di­dates for the job. But lately a new crop of peo­ple has emerged to con­test for this cov­eted seat. They, un­like most beer par­lor com­men­ta­tors, have de­cided to take the bull by the horn and get into the arena. They, like us, be­lieve enough is enough and have cho­sen to make their voices heard through their cam­paign. It is not about win­ning or not but their bold­ness to en­ter a ter­rain that seems too fright­en­ing to an out­sider and con­sid­ered a fruit­less ven­ture by most. But un­de­terred they have sol­diered on and in­tend to cre­ate a mo­men­tum that will in­evitably draw the re­quired at­ten­tion of the masses they are will­ing to serve. There are quite a num­ber of such can­di­dates and we be­lieve it’s only fair to give them the same plat­form to air their views, as we would do the usual pop­u­lar faces we have fea­tured in the past. It gives you, and them, the op­por­tu­nity to read what they have to say and give you the op­tion on whom to vote for. Fela Durotoye is our 4th Pres­i­den­tial Chal­lenger and we hope to fea­ture a few more of them be­fore the fi­nal can­di­date clinches the seat.

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