THISDAY - - EDITORIAL - Bashir Ishaq Bashir, Kano

Iam very happy and im­pressed by the se­ries of steps the Pres­i­dent is tak­ing in the last few days. That is what we have been de­mand­ing from him. Purposeful lead­er­ship. Unit­ing the coun­try by bi­par­ti­san ap­proach, be­ing firm, but fair. Show­ing com­pas­sion to women and chil­dren, and the down­trod­den. Re­fo­cus­ing and re­jig­ging the economy. Send­ing the right and ap­pro­pri­ate warn­ing to ras­cals and crim­i­nals. And in the whole, be­ing a fa­ther to all. As we con­tinue to pray for his health, we await his im­me­di­ate cab­i­net reshuf­fle with vi­brant young men and women with a sand­wich of few old ones to spice up the cab­i­net with wis­dom. We await him to take dras­tic and rad­i­cal ap­proach to the power sec­tor. We de­mand a time­line to the end of crim­i­nal­i­ties, in­sur­gency, and se­ces­sion­ist ele­ments. We de­mand a sur­gi­cal over­haul of our ma­jor med­i­cal cen­tres and teach­ing hos­pi­tals so that we treat Baba here and Not in Lon­don, as well as save for­eign exchange and as­so­ci­ated costs. We de­mand a new and fresh ap­proach to over­haul our pri­mary and sec­ondary schools across the na­tion. We de­mand the pres­i­dent to be open minded and lis­ten more, and act more and speed of his de­ci­sion-mak­ing process and ex­e­cu­tion ve­loc­ity. We de­mand his me­dia team to be more civil, ap­pre­ci­ate our im­pa­tience and ad­dress us with more re­spect and deco­rum. We, the cit­i­zens de­mand re­spect and un­der­stand­ing. We have been raped, robbed, lied to, de­voured, ex­ploited, taken for granted, killed, kid­napped, bombed, used and dumped. Name it, we have gone through it. Nige­ri­ans are very easy go­ing peo­ple. All they ask for is jus­tice and eq­uity. A de­trib­alised leader they can trust. We have been told good af­ter­noon sev­er­ally by our lead­ers while our wrist watches were at mid­night. We have been in­un­dated by lead­ers with­out plans and fo­cus. The only fo­cus they had was on our trea­sury. The only plan they had was to per­pet­u­ally cause eth­nic and re­li­gious di­vi­sions amongst us. We are tired of be­ing told that Nige­ria is a coun­try of great hu­man and ma­te­rial po­ten­tial! As a me­chan­i­cal and gas En­gi­neer, po­ten­tial is dor­mant, with­out ex­ter­nal force, in­ert, if you like. Let the our pres­i­dent as­sem­ble a team that will pos­i­tively re­lease that po­ten­tial into ki­netic, me­chan­i­cal, elec­tri­cal, chem­i­cal, ther­mal en­er­gies that will pro­pel us into global reck­on­ing and make us hold our head high where ever we go. Let them push us with a thrust and power from the level of a one stroke cy­cle en­gine to that of a gi­ant gas tur­bine. Let them tell us with the loud­est of voice and con­vic­tion of Je­sus Christ and Prophet Muham­mad that the same blood that runs in the veins of the Ig­bos, the Efiks, the Yorubas, the Hausas, the Urho­bos, The Ka­nuris and so many of our coun­try’s hard work­ing cit­i­zens is the same blood. We share the same DNA, our des­tiny is the same. Our di­ver­sity is our strength. In­stead of a dead­line of Oc­to­ber 1, to the Igbo, let Nnamdi Kanu drive into Kano and take half of my plot of land for free. When he is com­ing let him stopover in Akwa Ibom and bring Ak­pan to make us an Edikaikon, for that is my favourite soup! We let them come with Palm wine for their con­sump­tion while I munch my Kil­ishi and sip my zobo drink. Let them tell me the beauty and moral teach­ings from Ge­n­e­sis to Reve­la­tions while I read from Su­rah Maryam (Chap­ter Mary) the mother of Je­sus who oc­cu­pies the high­est po­si­tion of rev­er­ence that no woman has at­tained in Is­lam. Let them make us a proud na­tion loved by all! Let us all for­give each other, for all of us are guilty of one little hate speech ei­ther in pub­lic or in a small cor­ner of our rooms.

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