A Mu­tual fund (Unit Trust) is an in­vest­ment ve­hi­cle man­aged by a SEC (Se­cu­ri­ties and Ex­change Com­mis­sion) reg­is­tered Fund Man­ager. In­vestors with sim­i­lar ob­jec­tives buy units of the Fund so that the Fund Man­ager can buy se­cu­ri­ties that willl gen­er­ate their de­sired re­turn.

An ETF (Ex­change Traded Fund) is a type of fund which owns the as­sets (shares of stock, bonds, oil fu­tures, gold bars, for­eign cur­rency, etc.) and di­vides own­er­ship of those as­sets into shares. In­vestors can buy these ‘shares’ on the floor of the Nige­rian Stock Ex­change.

A REIT (Real Es­tate In­vest­ment Trust) is an in­vest­ment ve­hi­cle that al­lows both small and large in­vestors to part-own real es­tate ven­tures (eg. Of­fices, Houses, Hos­pi­tals) in pro­por­tion to their in­vest­ments. The as­sets are di­vided into shares that are traded on the Nige­rian Stock Ex­change.


Date: All fund prices are quoted in Naira as at 12-June-2018, un­less other­wise stated.

Of­fer price: The price at which units of a trust or ETF are bought by in­vestors. Bid Price: The price at which In­vestors re­deem (sell) units of a trust or ETF.

Yield/To­tal Re­turn: De­notes the to­tal re­turn an in­vestor would have earned on his in­vest­ment. Money Mar­ket Funds re­port Yield while oth­ers re­port Year- to-date To­tal Re­turn. NAV: Is value per share of the real es­tate as­sets held by a REIT on a spe­cific date.

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