Louie Duke’s Su­perla­tive Lifestyle


From his days in Su­rulere, La­gos, Louie Duke has al­ways been known to be a high flyer with class, charisma and panache.

Peo­ple who know this hand­some man and pol­ished gen­tle­man in his 50s say he does his things with a deep sense of style, pas­sion and per­fec­tion.

It will be re­called that when he launched his out­fit, Lace 111 Cou­ture, on Adeni­ran Ogun­sanya Street in Su­rulere, La­gos, it was a hit, as he was pa­tro­n­ised by the high and mighty in the so­ci­ety.

Be­fore our very eyes, he also set up the highly suc­cess­ful Gen­tle­man’s Bar on Adeni­ran Ogun­sanya Street be­fore he ven­tured into con­struc­tion.

To­day, he runs Lush In­te­ri­ors, a high­brow in­te­rior dec­o­rat­ing firm in Vic­to­ria Is­land that caters strictly for the rich and the fa­mous.

Very am­bi­tious, he re­cently signed a con­tract with two of Italy’ s best brands in the fur­ni­ture busi­ness, Mo­bilpiu and Style Of­fice, a deal that will open an­other vista for him to make megabucks.

Hard-work­ing Duke is a lover of world most ex­pen­sive de­signer clothes, shoes as well as wrist­watches.

The Cross River State- born dude is also a car freak with sev­eral beau­ti­ful and ex­pen­sive state- of -the- art cars parked in his garage. This we gath­ered al­ways causes stir when­ever he drives.


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