What do Nige­ri­ans think about pro­posed N5 fuel price in­crease?

A tech­ni­cal com­mit­tee set up by the House Com­mit­tee on Works has rec­om­mended in a Na­tional Roads Fund Bill that N5 be added to the price of pe­tro­leum to en­able rou­tine and pe­ri­odic main­te­nance works on Nige­rian roads. In ad­di­tion, a fuel levy of N5 charge

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Isup­port this mo­tion in as much as the money will be used ju­di­ciously to help cre­ate roads in the coun­try. I

Peo­ple are suf­fer­ing and in crit­i­cal times. We have not seen any work done in the coun­try, nor do we be­lieve that they in­tend to if they in­crease the price of fuel. I am an ed­u­cated man, but yet look at how life has treated us. We can’t deny some of the things that the ad­min­is­tra­tion has ac­com­plished in terms of se­cu­rity. But we have been told that stolen loot has been or is be­ing re­cov­ered, yet we have not seen any proof of it. am in sup­port be­cause as of today, sev­eral of our ma­jor roads are death traps. While the gov­ern­ment is work­ing on new ones, the old ones are get­ting spoilt by the day, so it is im­por­tant that there should be a fund. It is a prac­tice in some parts of the coun­try and should be in­voked here in Nige­ria.

TMen­tion­ing that N5 will be used for re­pair­ing roads is a bit laugh­able. The first ques­tion we should ask our­selves is, for in­stance, if it is ap­proved, how are we go­ing to mon­i­tor and eval­u­ated it? How are we go­ing to ac­count for the fact that N5 has been used for fed­eral roads? In fact, how have we been re­pair­ing our roads in the first place? A lot of our fed­eral roads have been in a de­plorable state. Who have we ques­tioned? Now, if we pay our N5 per litre ev­ery time we pur­chase fuel for fed­eral roads and we don’t get it done, who are we go­ing to sue? Who are we go­ing to ask ques­tions? If we can­not put it in play and hold these peo­ple accountable, then there is no need. This money will go the same way his is not the time to in­crease a dime in any­thing in Nige­ria. The House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives that are bring­ing about all these ideas are ob­vi­ously there for their own self­ish rea­sons. What about all the money that they have been bor­row­ing from the World Bank and other for­eign coun­tries? What are they us­ing the loan for? We have

Iev­ery other thing has gone. They are ba­si­cally say­ing we should do­nate N5 each time we buy fuel for fed­eral roads. It has come to the point where we need to stop de­ceiv­ing our­selves in this coun­try and tell our­selves the truth. We need to be sure and check the peo­ple in power, if not they will get away with what they are do­ing and come up with some­thing new. Pub­lic opin­ion re­ally doesn’t mat­ter some­times. not seen any­thing and now they are com­ing up with a ridicu­lous rea­son to add money to the al­ready ex­pen­sive fuel. And if they add it, when do they in­tend to re­move the in­crease af­ter the so-called roads have been fixed? We used to have toll gates which served the pur­pose of main­tain­ing and re­pair­ing the roads and Obasanjo de­mol­ished the whole thing and today we are suf­fer­ing from it. This in­crease is noth­ing but a scheme to put money in their pock­ets and di­min­ish ours. Some of us have kids sit­ting at home be­cause we can­not pay school f they de­cide to in­crease the price of fuel, then it will be more than un­fair to us since it will af­fect the price of ev­ery­thing. When they re­moved the fuel sub­sidy, we didn’t no­tice any dif­fer­ence. We don’t have pas­sen­gers any­more and the price of car prod­ucts and items are also ridicu­lously ex­pen­sive. A tyre used to go for about N12, 000, but now it goes for up to N30, 000. The mo­ment the fuel price goes up, they will in­crease the prices for pas­sen­gers and soon the mo­tor park will be­come close to de­serted and we will have noth­ing to feed our fam­i­lies. As if the sit­u­a­tion isn’t bad enough. If they are truly go­ing to fix the roads with the money, why won’t they do it with the loot re­cov­ered from the cor­rupt of­fi­cials? Where is that money go­ing? Come 2019, how does the present gov­ern­ment in­tend to cam­paign when they have done noth­ing to im­prove the lives of the less priv­i­leged in the coun­try? fees. How do they think it makes us feel? The money they col­lected through­out last year is enough for them to award con­tracts to fix what needs to be fixed. If they were sin­cere with their plans they would make the toll gates func­tional again and use that money to award con­tracts to the Chi­nese to get the job done. We are fed up with the prob­lems cre­ated by the gov­ern­ment be­ing heaped on in­no­cent cit­i­zens. Some of us are will­ing to die for our rights. It is be­cause we are sit­ting on our rights that they feel they can im­ple­ment any law that is fit­ting for them.

Ba­bangida Bashir, 35, Com­mer­cial bus co­or­di­na­tor, Jabi, Abuja

Moses Alexan­der, 40, Chair­man, Na­tional Union of Road Trans­port Work­ers (NURTW), Jabi Mo­tor Park Unit, Abuja

Hon. Ab­dul­razak Nam­das, 48, com­mit­tee of Me­dia and Pub­lic Af­fairs, House of As­sem­bly, Abuja

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