What Nige­ri­ans say about amnesty to kid­nap­pers, rob­bers

Amnesty to crim­i­nals is fast be­com­ing com­mon in Nige­ria. In 2016 hun­dreds of mil­i­tants were granted par­don in Rivers State where lead­ers of var­i­ous units of cult groups in dif­fer­ent towns de­nounced their mem­ber­ship. There were also cases of kid­nap­pers and

Weekly Trust - - Vox Pop - Nathaniel Bi­van & Haf­sah Abubakar Matazu Satur­day, Fe­bru­ary 11, 2017

Leng­shak Gomwalk, 33, busi­ness­man, Jos, Plateau State or me amnesty should never be granted to armed rob­bers and kid­nap­pers. When we do that, we pam­per them and that will only en­cour­age oth­ers to do same. When our laws pre­scribe pun­ish­ments for of­fend­ers, those who en­force these laws should be care­ful not to turn them into a list of rid­dles. Crime should be pun­ished, pe­riod.

FOAb­dul­mu­talib Mo­hammed Bello, 31, lec­turer, Jos, Plateau State

Well, since rob­bery and kid­nap­ping are not a form of ag­i­ta­tion and it’s not car­ried out to per­suade gov­ern­ment to change its poli­cies, I feel rob­bers and kid­nap­pers should not be given amnesty. They should be pros­e­cuted, re­formed and then par­doned if need be. ur pres­i­dent has said that he wants to fight cor­rup­tion. Are the kid­nap­pers and armed rob­bers not cor­rupt too? If that’s the case, then what is the dif­fer­ence between the old gov­ern­ment and the new? If you give crim­i­nals amnesty, how will the coun­try move for­ward? This is the wrong step to take. It will only en­cour­age oth­ers to do it too. The only hope for this coun­try is just God now. Ab­dul­lahi Shuaibu, 45, se­cu­rity guard, Jabi, Abuja irstly, I think it is im­por­tant to say that what­ever steps this gov­ern­ment is tak­ing, I hope it will ben­e­fit the coun­try and they will not make grave mis­takes while do­ing so. But I must say some ac­tions have been dis­as­trous, so I hope they will turn around to prove us wrong. Peace is all we want in Nige­ria. But par­don­ing kid­nap­pers, armed rob­bers and peo­ple that cause un­rest is un­called for and wrong. It will only worsen the prob­lem and they will end up re­cruit­ing more and more. Even if it is a child, if he does wrong and you don’t give an ap­pro­pri­ate pun­ish­ment, he will go back to do­ing it over and over again.

FMuham­mad Kabiru, 33, shoe seller, Utako, Abuja ho­ever has the in­ten­tion to cheat or cause harm to some­one should not be given amnesty and be al­lowed to roam freely in the so­ci­ety. They should be pun­ished ac­cord­ingly, whether it is a pri­son sen­tence or the death penalty. If the cul­prits are not brought to jus­tice they will con­tinue do­ing what they are do­ing. But once they are im­pris­oned and re­leased af­ter their sen­tence, they will con­sider it a les­son and not go back to it.


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