Chief (Mrs) Vic­to­ria Awom­olo is the wife of one of Nige­ria’s most se­nior lawyers, Chief Adeg­boyega Awom­olo who turns 70 this Tues­day. Both of them have over 60 years of law prac­tice be­tween them and they are both Se­nior Ad­vo­cates of Nige­ria (SAN). In this

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In the be­gin­ning he used to travel a lot, go­ing round the coun­try for cases and I had to be alone with the chil­dren. It was very tough then be­cause there was no mo­bile com­mu­ni­ca­tion, so we de­pended on land line.

DT: What are some of his at­tributes you think the chil­dren have picked?

One is dis­ci­pline. They are not way­ward. They look at him and say they also want to be as suc­cess­ful as he is. When they ask him ques­tions on how to go about it, he tells them hard work is the way. DT: What kind of a fa­ther is he?

He is a great fa­ther; the great­est any child can have. DT: Is a sporty per­son?

Yes, but he has cut it down to walk­ing. He likes to walk long dis­tances and then he comes back com­plain­ing. He is a rest­less per­son who doesn’t like to sit in one place. DT: What is his favourite food?

It’s pounded yam with egusi and bit­ter leaf soup.

DT: What mis­con­cep­tion do peo­ple have about him will you like to cor­rect?

Some think he is hard and tough be­cause he is a dis­ci­plined man. Some also think he is im­pa­tient be­cause he doesn’t like peo­ple to be lazy around him. DT: What eas­ily gets him up­set?

Lazi­ness. DT: What is that one thing you would like to change about him?

I think he has over­come some of those neg­a­tive things hu­man be­ings have be­cause he is get­ting older now. He is more pa­tient and lis­tens more, so there is noth­ing I will want to change.

Vic­to­ria Awom­olo

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