Barr. Ifeanyi Umeukeje,

50, Lawyer, Abuja

Weekly Trust - - Voxpop -

BVN regis­tra­tion is just a pol­icy of the CBN. For fed­eral gov­ern­ment to rely on the pol­icy and rob in­no­cent Nige­ri­ans of their hard earned sav­ings un­der the cover of cor­rup­tion fight is wrong and un­just. Sev­eral rea­sons abound why some peo­ple have not regis­tered their BVN. Some peo­ple are in jail, both at home and abroad. Some may also have died sud­denly, and the fam­ily mem­bers may not be aware of the ex­is­tence of such ac­counts. And some ru­ral folks may be un­aware of this pol­icy. So the fed­eral gov­ern­ment needs to think of bet­ter ways of re­cov­er­ing looted funds.

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