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– 2018 BBNaija win­ner

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At the pre­sen­ta­tion of his prize cheque in La­gos, Mir­a­cle Ikechukwu Ig­bokwe, the 2018 win­ner of the Big Brother Naija, spoke about his new sta­tus, how he plans to spend his N25 mil­lion cash prize, and his fu­ture am­bi­tion.

Daily Trust: How do you feel about the pre­sen­ta­tion of cheque and other prizes you won today?

Mir­a­cle Ikechukwu Ig­bokwe: I feel very great. Who wouldn’t feel great? I won N45 mil­lion. The cash prize be­ing N25m and I have a car. So, it’s ac­tu­ally a great priv­i­lege. I’m happy, I’m ex­cited be­cause this is kick-start­ing my main goal of be­com­ing a bil­lion­aire.

DT: Would you say you saw this com­ing?

Mir­a­cle: To be hon­est with you, I didn’t see it com­ing. As you all know, while in the house we had no idea of what was hap­pen­ing out­side and that’s why when­ever I was up for evic­tion, I was al­ways tensed up be­cause you never can tell what will hap­pen next. On the last day, I was given a Pilot Cap­tain out­fit and I was as­ton­ished and felt per­haps there was some­thing for me. I had al­ready won N1m in the Pay­porte Game, so I felt ‘if you win Pay­porte, there is no way you are go­ing to win this prize’. And then about the out­fit, I felt it was a ‘com­fort­ing out­fit’, like if you don’t win the grand prize, at least you have the out­fit.

If you no­ticed, I fell on the floor when my name was an­nounced be­cause I didn’t see it com­ing. At that point, the only thing I had on my head was the N25m. I knew noth­ing about the other prizes. It was the next day Nina told me I ac­tu­ally won a car and when I got back to Nige­ria, they told me I also won home the­ater sys­tem. I’m still try­ing to come to terms with all these.

DT: For the first three weeks in the house, you were laid back, was that part of your strat­egy or were you ac­tu­ally be­ing real?

Mir­a­cle: Peo­ple keep talk­ing about strat­egy, trust me, I had no strat­egy. I’m the type of per­son that tries to ob­serve first when I go to an en­vi­ron­ment. I like to take my time and that’s why right now, I don’t have a man­ager yet. I’m still try­ing to put up a team. So get­ting into the house, the first thing I did was to ob­serve and know the kind of peo­ple I am liv­ing with be­fore I started to act out.

DT: You want to be a bil­lion­aire and a com­mer­cial cap­tain. How is that pos­si­ble be­cause only few cap­tains are known to be stu­pen­dously rich?

Mir­a­cle: Now I will tell you about Cap­tain Lu­san, one of my role models. So also is Aliko Dan­gote be­cause I have two stages. The first stage which is my pas­sion is fly­ing and be­fore I went into the house, I did my Pri­vate Power Li­cense Pro­gramme (PPL) train­ing but I had fi­nan­cial con­straints, which was why I couldn’t go for my CPL train­ing. I think a lot of peo­ple knew about my dream of be­com­ing a pilot and they wanted to help me achieve this dream. I am sure it was one of the rea­sons peo­ple voted for me.

The sec­ond stage is for me to be­come a bil­lion­aire. How is that pos­si­ble? Most peo­ple see it as not be­ing re­al­is­tic. Some­one did it and if he can do it, I can also do it. And who did it? Cap­tain Lu­san, he was a pilot. He has a sim­i­lar story like I do. Cap­tain Lu­san is some­one I would like to meet and let him men­tor me.

Then the other stage is agri­cul­ture. I al­ways say Dan­gote be­cause when it comes to agri­cul­ture, he’s like the don. These are peo­ple I would like to meet; are peo­ple I can gain from. I need their men­tor­ship.

Most peo­ple tell me about en­ter­tain­ment. Well, be­fore I got into the house, I was a com­mer­cial model. Some peo­ple also ad­vised me to own a cloth­ing line be­cause while in the house I al­ways get com­pli­ments like ‘you rock ev­ery out­fit given to you’ but like I said, I don’t rush into things. I like to think and plan.

DT: In the house, you ex­hib­ited a per­fect paint­ing on the wall. Are you also think­ing of delv­ing into paint­ing one day?

Mir­a­cle: In the house, you are taught a lot of things, a lot of skills you need out­side the house. Big Brother tried for us. Paint­ing is some­thing I did while I was younger but Big Brother re­vived it. I dis­cov­ered so many things about my­self in the house. Is it paint­ing? Or even that my Farome song? When I came out, some peo­ple said I need to re­lease that song but these things are just for fun and not a ca­reer for me.

DT: As a pilot, what prompted your de­ci­sion to go to Big Brother House?

Mir­a­cle: Like I said ear­lier, I don’t do things that I don’t have pas­sion for. I just fin­ished my PPL train­ing and was into en­ter­tain­ment. Ini­tially I wasn’t a fan of Big Brother un­til I watched the last sea­son and saw things like the Pay­porte ac­tiv­i­ties. It was all fun and those are the kind of things I like do­ing. I’m a fan of Gul­der Ul­ti­mate Search but it was ac­tu­ally my sis­ter who told me to go for Big Brother.

DT: Part of your win­ning pack­age is a trip to Dubai and you are re­quired to go with one per­son. You did men­tion that if you were not go­ing with your mum, the sec­ond choice would be Nina. Why?

Mir­a­cle: As you all know, Nina and I bonded in the house. So if I’m to go with any­one else apart from my mum, then from the house it will be Nina or Tobi.

DT: What is the re­la­tion­ship sta­tus like with you and Nina out­side the house; would you say what you both had in the house was a gen­uine re­la­tion­ship?

Mir­a­cle: Like I al­ways say, noth­ing changes from my end. The kind of re­la­tion­ship we had in­side the house con­tin­ues but since we came back, we’ve not even had time to­gether. I’m so busy that I’ve not even seen my mum, I’ve been go­ing from one tour to an­other and I’m not used to it. Like I al­ways say, I don’t like to rush things, I like things to hap­pen nat­u­ral. This grace God has given us has a va­lid­ity pe­riod and if you don’t make good use of it now, you will lose it be­cause we are both young.

DT: Has the men­tion of Collins, Nina’s much talked about boy friend, ever un­set­tled you? If it does, how are you man­ag­ing it?

Mir­a­cle: Since I came back, I chose not to go to the so­cial me­dia be­cause I don’t want to see things that will weigh me down. First time I heard about Collins was in the house. And Nina was truth­ful about her boyfriend. She told me that be­fore she came into the house, she had a dis­cus­sion with him; she made him to un­der­stand that she’s go­ing to Big Brother House and so he should ex­pect any­thing. I don’t re­ally get jeal­ous like that. It’s her de­ci­sion. Some­thing I would never do is fight for a lady. It’s her choice. You know my in­ten­tions to­wards you so it’s your de­ci­sion to make.

Since I came back, I chose not to go to the so­cial me­dia be­cause I don’t want to see things that will weigh me down

Mir­a­cle Ikechukwu Ig­bokwe

Mir­a­cle re­ceiv­ing a cheque for his prize money

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