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1950: Alan Tur­ing pioneers the field of AI “. by in­tro­duc­ing the Tur­ing test in his paper Com­put­ing Ma­chin­ery and In­tel­li­gence”

1997: IBM’s chess-play­ing Deep Blue com­puter beats Garry Kas­parov

2011: IBM’s Wat­son ap­pears on Jeop­ardy, dom­i­nates some of the show’s best con­tes­tants

2016: Ama­zon, Al­pha­bet, Face­book, IBM and Mi­crosoft form the Part­ner­ship on AI, a group tasked with con­duct­ing re­search and pro­mot­ing best prac­tices

2029: AI will pass the Tur­ing test, ac­cord­ing to fu­tur­ist Ray Kurzweil

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