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Jo­han Sver­drup Main Sup­port Frame 6.8m Di­men­sions: 19m high, 100m long and

wide, the size of a foot­ball pitch .250.000. Weight: 10124 Tones .

Me­ters of ca­ble Over 7 mil­lion man-hours to com­plete o.

Fully Thai work­force of which more than . ne third fe­male Largest ob­ject trans­ported in Thai­land Jo­han Sver­drup de­vel­op­ment is one of the C. big­gest oil dis­cov­er­ies ever on the Nor­we­gian on­ti­nen­tal Shelf

Peak pro­duc­tion will be equiv­a­lent to p. one quar­ter of all Nor­we­gian petroleum ro­duc­tion.

The MSF is the largest of three mod­ules be­ing con­structed for the Jo­han Sver­drup Drilling Plat­form.

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