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Sea Cu­cum­bers (Holothuroidea) are 5. om­ni­vore in­ver­te­brates liv­ing in the wild from to 10 years. Av­er­age size is 20 cm by 200 cm (.

Sea cu­cum­bers are noc­tur­nal crea­tures ac­tive dur­ing the night)

Sea cu­cum­bers can be of­ten seen in large m. colonies. 1,000 sea cu­cum­bers per one square

eter are not an un­usual sight r.

Sea cu­cum­ber are able for self­e­pro­duc­tion

Sea cu­cum­bers do not have brain. Their ner­vous sys­tem con­sists of a ring and sev­eral nerves. Their senses are also poorly de­vel­oped.

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