Norway-Asia Business Review : 2020-02-20

F OREWORD : 19 : 19


N A B R 1 19 ORWAY- SIA USINESS EVIEW ISSUE 2020 . . . . Facts Rainbowfis­h has sent two unmanned vessels to the Mariana Trench The company has plans to send a manned vessel to the Mariana Trench by 2023 Water, sediment and creature samples .Work from the Mariana Trench were collected during non-manned missions continues on multiple vessels capable of reaching depths of at least 6,500 metres Prof. Weicheng Cui founded Rainbowfis­h in 2014 after serving on a deep sea expedition Rainbowfis­h does not receive capital for .Commercial­isation the government and works under the “State Support + Private Capital” model of the technology is a priority for the company . .

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