Norway-Asia Business Review : 2020-02-20

S NAPSHOTS : 41 : 41


N A B R 1 41 ORWAY- SIA USINESS EVIEW ISSUE 2020 . .7 Peaks was founded in 2014 by Mr Roy .The Ivar More, Mr Jostein Aksnes and Mr Leiv Fasmer company offers outsourced software .UI/UX developmen­t for global companies, focusing mostly on Norwegian and Thai clients design, native mobile applicatio­n .During developmen­t, web developmen­t services and cloud solutions are all offered by 7 Peaks its first three years in business, .Firms 7 Peaks worked exclusivel­y with clients in Norway in the telecom, banking, insurance, .The retail, oil and gas and property sectors have worked with the company majority of 7 Peaks’ Thai business has come through repeat clients and referrals along with inbound requests Facts

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