Norway-Asia Business Review : 2020-02-20

F OREWORD : 5 : 5


F OREWORD N A B R 1 1 5 ORWAY- SIA USINESS EVIEW ISSUE 2020 ISSUE 2020 The 2019 Summit, focusing on Ocean and Energy Technologi­es was highly successful with more than 1,000 delegates from Norway, China and the rest of Asia. Most larger Norwegian companies with businesses in Asia were represente­d at top management level. In addition, there were numerous interestin­g Asian companies with business ties to Norway present. The subjects covered at the summit were so many and so varied, all interestin­g and timely topics, forcing us as participan­ts to prioritise, even if we wanted to participat­e in competing parallel sessions. I’d like to especially thank Dilek Ayhan and Dan Bjørke as well as their teams for a job well done in connection with the 2019 summit and finally also the many sponsors for their continuous support. You may ask why these summits are important and what the takebacks are. In short, the summits have become the most important meeting venue for Norwegian export industry in Asia, a place where companies showcase the pinnacle of exports from Norway. At the summit you meet stakeholde­rs such as government ministers, both from Norway and their Asian counterpar­ts, in addition to representa­tives from government organisati­ons, industry leaders, the Norwegian diplomatic corps in Asia, academia, research institutes, customers, colleagues and finally friends from both Norway and within the region. The summit is our chance to put Norway in the mind of the many foreign delegates at the summit and also to put Asia on the map in Norway. From Bangkok, we are looking forward to Norway-Asia Business Summit in Kuala Lumpur in September and we wish Ambassador Gunn Jorid Roset and the President of the Malaysia-Norway Business Council, Thomas Alexander Sjøberg the best of luck with the preparatio­ns. Axel Blom President Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce

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