Norway-Asia Business Review : 2020-02-20

F OREWORD : 9 : 9


N A B R 1 9 ORWAY- SIA USINESS EVIEW ISSUE 2020 . .Planning for NABS 2018 took 18 months More than 1,000 people attended NABS 2019 making it the largest Summit ever Attendees were leaders in business, academia, diplomacy and politics Ms Dilek Ayhan and Mr Dan Bjørke were Co-Chairs for NABS 2019 The Co-Chairs conducted a road show .OceanTech where they visited several Norwegian Chambers of Commerce was the theme from NABS 2019 The Co-Chairs worked with Norwegian .NABS companies and organisati­ons to find relevant topics 2019 had a total of 21 sessions and seminars as well as several other events Facts . . .

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