Are you tired of man­ag­ing your frizzy and dam­aged hair? Fol­low th­ese few sim­ple steps and make your hair look great in no time.

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Well, be­cause those nat­u­ral reme­dies don’t con­jure in­stant Ra­pun­zel locks and we to­tally un­der­stand that you have a sched­ule that can make Ken­dall Jen­ner feel like she’s not do­ing enough. But hair care and styling are still im­por­tant, right? Sim­ple mod­i­fi­ca­tions to things you al­ready do (but prob­a­bly just not do right) won’t add on to your min­utes and might even save you from hav­ing to com­pro­mise your Schu­macher skills while you multi-task your way to work. We’ve put to­gether some great ‘in and out of shower’ hair tips, styling tricks, and things you re­ally need to stop do­ing so that you aren’t fran­ti­cally yank­ing off those tan­gled knots.

Swap hot with cold

While warm wa­ter is per­fect for soak­ing, it re­ally doesn’t do much good to your hair. If you re­ally can’t do with­out a lit­tle steam es­cap­ing from the shower, turn the tap to cold at least when you are rins­ing off your con­di­tioner and just be­fore you step out. The cold wa­ter will seal the hair fol­li­cles and pre­vent hair fall.

Man­age bangs

Oily scalp mak­ing your bangs go flat and no time for an­other shower? Sim­ply tie the rest of your hair back, di­lute just a wee bit of sham­poo in wa­ter and work the lather on only the front part of the scalp. Rinse and dab the ex­cess wa­ter off, style and dry to re­store that bounce.

De­tan­gling in the shower

It’s a bad idea! Es­pe­cially if you bring your comb along and aren’t us­ing any prod­ucts to as­sist you in the process. Hair strands are most frag­ile when wet and can break eas­ily. The safer op­tion is us­ing oo­dles of con­di­tioner and fin­ger-de­tan­gling very gen­tly. Hair-clogged drains (fol­lowed by wails) – avoided!

Pony­tail lift

Why is it so hard to get a pony­tail to just stay perky? Don’t let a loose, limp and low-hang­ing pony­tail bring down your spirit. Af­ter ty­ing a reg­u­lar pony­tail, turn the pony­tail to bring it in front of your face and se­cure from be­neath with a few sprayed bobby pins at a height from where you’d like your pony­tail to fall. See, not all lifts are as com­pli­cated as a face lift.

Read the la­bels

When it comes to even junk food, we don’t hes­i­tate to flip to the ‘Nu­tri­tional In­for­ma­tion’ to see what and how much we are down­ing, then why make it dif­fer­ent for hair prod­ucts. What we put on our head is what our hair ab­sorbs and re­acts to, very much like our body. Watch out for the sul­phate con­tent as this, while thor­oughly cleans­ing, can also strip hair off nat­u­ral oils mak­ing them dry. Opt for sham­poos that are en­riched with con­di­tion­ers, es­pe­cially nat­u­ral ones.

Comb be­fore a bath

We bet our silky tresses you’ve been do­ing this the other way around. As much of a prac­tice that it is to comb your hair af­ter

a shower, you’d be sur­prised with how less of tan­gles you re­ally need to bat­tle if you start with comb­ing it be­fore you head in for a bath. When in­ter­act­ing with wa­ter, hair strands tend to only en­tan­gle fur­ther if they’ve al­ready started on the road to un­ruli­ness; and you re­ally don’t want to get into the de­tan­gle spree then (re­fer to point 3)!

Braid and iron

Own a hair iron but can’t seem to ace even those sim­ple waves? Worry not! Start with sep­a­rat­ing your locks evenly into smaller sec­tions and braid tight. Bring out that flat iron and sim­ply press on the braids. Not only does this make man­ag­ing those locks eas­ier, but is also a lot quicker and re­sults in per­fectly ac­quired beach waves.

Tame fly­aways with a sprayed tooth­brush

You can let your room­mate gawk at you but noth­ing works bet­ter than a tooth­brush sprayed with a lit­tle hair­spray to tame frizzy hair. Though we may per­mit you to keep this brush in the wash­room cabi­net, please make sure you don’t get in the habit of in­ter­chang­ing your tooth-brush­ing-tooth­brush with your hair-brush­ing-tooth­brush. Hon­estly, that’s not even funny.

Change to a more lux­u­ri­ous bed­spread

We’ll ac­tu­ally give you a rea­son apart from lux­ury to swap your cot­ton bed linen to some­thing fancier. If not the en­tire set, swap your cot­ton pil­low cases with ve­gan-made satin sheets (‘ve­gan’ be­cause it’s a cheaper al­ter­na­tive and won’t make you feel like you’re ly­ing on poor silk­worms). The soft­ness of the tex­ture re­duces the fric­tion that would oth­er­wise re­sult from harsher fab­rics, there­fore smoothen­ing frizzy hair and min­imis­ing static.

Do a dou­ble pony­tail

For­get ex­ten­sions and teased hair; to make hair look longer and more vo­lu­mi­nous, tie two pony­tails – one higher up and one slightly lower. The one be­low will be con­cealed by the one above and will make it look like you have longer, fuller locks. This trick works great for peo­ple with mid-length, slightly curly hair.

Keep a serum-spray in hand

If you need to soothe dry hair, opt for some leave-in serum and in­stead of rub­bing it in, sim­ply spritz. Start from the mid­dle of your length, and work down­wards. Spray­ing will en­sure you don’t ac­ci­den­tally get too much in one spot and won’t leave your hands feel­ing grimy.

Bed­time braids = Morn­ing waves

Don’t waste your pre­cious morn­ing hours with those curlers. If you have taken a shower be­fore bed­time, braid loosely and let the night style your hair while you rest in sweet slum­ber. In the morn­ing, just undo the braids, scrunch your hair with your fin­gers and spray on some hold­ing spray to make your nat­u­ral waves last longer. Al­ter­na­tively, if you’ve skipped the shower, braid your hair real tight with rib­bons and re­peat the same pro­ce­dure in the morn­ing. Make sure not to comb your hair too harsh, es­pe­cially if you have sleek, straight hair nat­u­rally.

In­vest in a good hair­cut

It might take a few hours from your busy sched­ule but it’s truly worth the time. Get­ting a hair­cut that doesn’t need to be styled af­ter ev­ery shower and (the best one) can be air-dried to its glo­ri­ous self, is ex­actly what the busy woman of to­day needs. If your hair is thin, opt­ing for cuts like lay­ers or feath­ers can even give the il­lu­sion of more vol­ume.

Ac­ces­sorise in­stead of style

Bored of the same hairdo but lack styling skills? Bring in the ac­ces­sories. Not only does it save your hair from the dam­ag­ing ef­fects of curlers, it’s way quicker too. Add some swanky, fun shaped bobby pins or style with a ban­dana or head band on days when your hair isn’t feel­ing in the best of its bouncy spirit.


Some­times all your hair needs is a lit­tle sup­ple­ment boost. Ask your doc­tor to pre­scribe you some vi­ta­min tablets that will aid hair growth. Clearly, the short­cut; be­cause who has the time to an­a­lyse their diet, go gro­cery shop­ping and cook some healthy veg­eta­bles, right?

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