Imag­ine your­self stand­ing right in the mid­dle of a dark room, with four walls sur­round­ing you and a clock tick­ing as fast as your heart is beat­ing. You re­alise that you only have a few min­utes to get out of this room be­fore you are doomed. What do you do

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Visit Troom Room in Aza­iba Mall and solve a se­ries of puz­zles us­ing clues and strate­gies in a given time limit.

While loi­ter­ing in Aza­iba Mall on not get­ting tick­ets for my show, I was so glad to have run into this hole in-the-wall ar­cade that read Troom Room and had ev­ery inch of its wall filled with pho­to­graphs and notes of all those who had come here and played. I found this su­per funky and de­cided to en­quire about it.

This is Oman’s first es­cape room, a fun game that lets you use logic and mind to get out of a locked room that can only be opened on solv­ing a puz­zle or rid­dle. And all this needs to be done within 60 min­utes. The Troom Room of­fers three ad­ven­tures, mys­ter­ies, and thrill that we need to choose from: In­spec­tor J. S., Trea­sures of Ubar, Haunted House, and Prison Break.

I en­tered into the room with my friends, all feel­ing like In­di­ana Jones, which just ag­gra­vated with the mu­sic and the props. With a strat­egy in mind we marched ahead fran­ti­cally look­ing for our clues in the eerie dark room that had some scary props in the midst of which the clues were hid­den.

There were three rooms and the chal­lenge was to open all the doors, find the fi­nal key and get out of this god-for­saken haunted house. We started with the liv­ing room, try­ing hard to ig­nore the creepy back­ground noises and solved the first few eas­ily. But as we went fur­ther into the mys­tery, the clues kept get­ting more dif­fi­cult and the tick­ing of the clock louder. The five of us man­aged to crack some crazy math­e­mat­i­cal and log­i­cal puz­zles lead­ing us to our next set of clues and keys in cal­en­dars, un­der so­fas, in­side skulls and so on. Af­ter half an hour we opened the first door that lead us to a master bed­room that had a huge skele­ton ly­ing on the bed, mak­ing us scream our lungs out. But since we didn’t have much time in hand, the search got more fran­tic and we mag­i­cally got more sharper. We solved all the puz­zles with a lit­tle help from the voice in the in­ter­com who gave us hints and moved on to the next room, which was the chil­dren’s room. We only had 6 min­utes left and there were three keys that needed to be un­locked here. We un­locked two of them and found our fi­nal clue at 59 min­utes and 9 sec­onds. All of us hud­dled over the fi­nal cof­fin, try­ing to get the com­bi­na­tions right, we man­aged to un­lock the fi­nal lock, get the key and rush to the main door just 1 sec­ond be­fore the fi­nal alarm rang. Yes, we emerged vic­to­ri­ous. We man­aged to es­cape from the haunted house.

When we came out it felt like we ac­tu­ally left the real world be­hind us. Every­thing around seemed fun real and a lit­tle too drama-less. It took us a few hours to get over this ex­pe­ri­ence, but we did make a prom­ise to re­turn here and try break­ing a prison next time.

Troom Room, Aza­iba Mall +968 9667 2927 OMR 9 per per­son

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